Embrace the Pause

Hope you all had a lovely Independence Day holiday.  The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.  It feels very inclusive, festive and celebratory … and it’s in the summer and I love warm weather.  Plus, it’s all about freedom – one of my core values – so it feels very “me.”

This year we had an AMAZING view of the New York City fireworks over the Hudson River from my balcony.  Here’s a photo of the spectacular sight.  Fireworks look like glitter falling from the sky.  Nothing cooler than that …

Fireworks over the Hudson River

Fireworks over the Hudson River

This week I’d like you to think about something that was mentioned by one of my yoga teachers (the amazing Lauren Hanna at Sonic Yoga NYC) last week: Embracing the PAUSE.  So often we RUSH through life, through projects, through conversations, through meals, through stuff.  We’re so focused on the END GAME that we forget to savor the journey.  We forget to take breaks.  We forget to celebrate our successes.  We don’t stop to think through the lessons learned … and then we wonder why the lessons keep reoccuring in our lives (Coincidence?  I think not!).

Why?  What’s holding you back from slowing down for a bit?  Slowing down actually helps speed things up in the long-run … pausing for reflection allows you to set your intention about where you’d like to focus next.  You’ll find that you won’t have to work so hard to get things done.  Try it.

As we’re now more than half-way through 2009, I invite you to PAUSE and acknowledge the steps you’ve taken this year.  How much closer are you in reaching your goals?  Celebrate your wins.  Celebrate your losses.  It’s all part of the bigger picture of your life.  If you can take a macro approach to your life, you may find that you’ll stop resisting so much … and start surrendering to what is.


  • What steps have you taken in 2009 that have led you closer to reaching your goals?
  • What else can you do to keep moving forward?  Who can hold you accountable?  Getting the support of someone (a coach, friend, mentor, family member) who wants you to succeed no matter what is KEY.
  • How do you celebrate your wins?  Is it a massage, tickets to a baseball game, a blow-out party, a day “off”, writing a nice note to yourself?  Your celebration can be as big or small as you want.  The point is to not miss the opportunity to pat yourself on the back.  You are your biggest supporter.  You show the world how you want to be treated.  Be good to yourself.
  • Embrace the pause: Close your eyes, breathe deeply and acknowledge your greatness.  Remember there is no other person exactly like you in the world.  If you want a good, quick read to remind you of this, check out my favorite book that I read to my son: “On the Night You Were Born” by Nancy Tillman.  The book brings tears to my eyes every time I read it.  So simple, yet so true!

Until next week, play big … and remember to PAUSE.



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