Have Some Fun

Smiling Sean

Fun-loving boy

Greetings, friends. So I know I said in my last post that this week we’d continue the discussion on finding your purpose (aka: dharma) … and we will … next week.  So stay tuned on that and keep pursuing your purpose.

Right now, I’m in the Berkshires, my country home away from my city home, and I’m focused on having FUN and only minimally working.  I’m calling it a mini-vacation (I have a full-fledged vacation in two weeks to California … yippee!).

Yesterday my family and I went to Tanglewood, an amazing outdoor venue that showcases top classical music talent from the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  It’s a little slice of heaven.  This picture is of my son Sean in his fancy new Tanglewood sweatshirt with drool all over it … smiling up a storm and having a ton of fun.

I was reminded about having fun today from my favorite daily meditation book: The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie.  It’s an amazing constant reminder of how to move through life and I highly recommend it.

So I’m keeping it short and simple today.  I’ll allow Melody’s lovely thoughts on having fun to fill your heart.  Enjoy …

Have some fun.  Loosen up a bit.  Enjoy life!

We do not have to be somber and serious.  We do not have to be so reflective, so critical, so bound up within ourselves and the rigid parameters others, and often ourselves, have placed around us.

This is life, not a funeral service. Have some fun with it.  Enter into it.  Participate.  Experiment.  Take a risk.  Be spontaneous.  Do not always be so concerned about doing it right, doing the appropriate thing.

Do not always be so concerned about what others think or say. What they think and say are their issues not ours.  Do not be so afraid of making a mistake.  Do not be so fearful and proper.  Do not inhibit yourself so much.

God did not intend for us to be so inhibited, so restricted, so controlled.  These repressive parameters are what other people have imposed on us, what we have allowed to be done to us.

We were created fully human.  We were given emotions, desires, hopes, dreams, feelings.  There is an alive, excited fun-loving child in us somewhere!  Let it come out!  Let it come alive! Let it have some fun – not just for two hours on Saturday evening.  Bring it with us, let it help us enjoy this gift of being alive, being fully human, and being who we are!

So many rules.  So much shame we’ve lived with.  It simply isn’t necessary.  We have been brainwashed.  It is time now to free ourselves, let ourselves go, and enter fully human into a full life.

Don’t worry.  We will learn our lessons when necessary.  We have learned discipline.  We will not go awry. What will happen is that we will begin enjoying life.  We will begin enjoying and experiencing our whole self.  We can trust ourselves.  We have boundaries now.  We have our program for a foundation.  We can afford to experiment and experience.  We are in touch with ourselves and our Higher Power.  We are being guided, but a frozen, inanimate object cannot be guided.  It cannot even be moved.

Have some fun.  Loosen up a bit.  Break a few rules.  As long as we’re here and alive, let’s begin to live.”

•    On a scale of 1 – 10, how much fun are you having in life?  If your answer is not as high as you would like, what are you willing to do to infuse more fun in your life?
•    Laugh at yourself.
•    Smile at strangers.
•    Put on some music and dance in your living room.

Until next week, HAVE FUN … seriously. ☺


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