Happy birthday, sweet sister in heaven

Today is my sister’s birthday. She would have been 29 years old.  I say “would have” (past tense) because she died in 1994 when she was only 12 years old.  Cancer took her away far too soon.  Every year on her birthday, I strive to honor her in some way.  Taking the day off work, getting away for some “me” time, just unplugging so I can connect with her, with my heart, with my sister.

If you have lost loved ones, I encourage you to honor them in your own unique way. It’s a way to feel a connection at such a deep level that it’s almost indescribable.

This year, I wrote a letter to her.  I’m sending it out into the universe …


Dear Julie –

Happy birthday, sweet sister.  Today, you would have been 29.  Holy moly.  It’s hard to believe time has passed so quickly.  When you left this earth, you were a mere 12 years old.

I so often wonder what you’d be doing with your life now.  Where would you live? Would you be married? With children? With pets (I think so! You loved animals!)?  Essentially … I wonder how you would spend your precious time.

I’d do anything to have you back … to be able to talk to you and have you talk back.  I crave a conversation between sisters, between friends who share the same set of parents.

I’ve managed to create this connection through the way I live my life, through my openness and my spiritual quest.

I hear your voice when I practice yoga, when I look at my son, when I laugh with my husband, when I look around and appreciate all that life has to offer.

I hear your voice when I am about to break when my plate is TOO full or I’m moving in a direction that is not allowing me to fulfill my life purpose … I hear you saying to me: “What are you doing?  Do you think this is the way?  Listen to your intuition, big sister.  Life is a gift and you better make sure you’re loving it all … and being honest about what’s working for you and what’s not.  No one will do it for you.”

I hear you, I feel you, I breathe you, I love you.

Keep shining, Julie Ann.  Keep beaming, keep guiding me, keep being you.  I thank you and honor you.

On your birthday of April 20, I hope you’re having a HUGE party in heaven, a place where love knows no limits and there is no such thing as pain and suffering.  Know that there are so many people here on earth who love and miss you.

You are a star!

My deepest love,

Your big sister Jenny

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