The Best is Yet to Come (if you let it)

2011 is fast approaching. Yup, a new year is almost here. I can just feel the fresh energy in the air, the new opportunities ripe for creation. I love this time of year. How about you?

The way I celebrate the shift from the old to the new has changed a lot through the years.

In my younger days, I was chasing fun, chasing a good time. Sometimes, this worked out pretty well. Sometimes, it was a disaster. Typically, I paid the price the next day in the form of a hangover. I learned as I got older that my body wasn’t a big fan of alcohol. All the partying I did in my teens and 20s just eventually caught up with me. It took me a long while to accept this, but I eventually made peace with what was healthiest for me.

My BEST New Years Eve to date was two years ago. I was fully sober, fully awake and QUIET (it was the antithesis of so many other NYE’s from my past). That year, I was 9 months pregnant and decided to attend a NYE celebration at an awesome yoga studio in New York City called Jivamukti. One of my clients joined me. My husband was traveling on business (he works in sports television and travels a lot on holidays so I’ve learned how to entertain myself and learned how to really enjoy being alone).

This evening started pretty early – around 6 p.m. I think. We had a 2-hour yoga class led by yoga gurus Sharon Life and David Gannon. If you’re into yoga, practice with them sometime. They are beyond powerful. After the class, we went into the cafe for a yummy vegetarian dinner. My client Jenn and I just chatted for a while about life, dreams and what we were most excited about in the coming year.

We then were treated to a beautiful kirtan concert with music, singing, dancing. From there, it was time to get QUIET … for 3 hours. Yup, it was New Years Eve in New York City and I was at a place where the “rule” was SILENCE … for … 3 … hours! I remember signing up for this experience and being freaked out that there would be no talking for that long. “What will I do with myself?” I thought. Will I freak out? Be bored? Go out of my mind?

What I chose to do with this MAUNA (silent observation) was to sit, relax, journal, meditate, be. I wrote a letter to my unborn baby (who joined the world 5 days later). I wrote my vision for the year ahead. I surprisingly ran into my friend who I went through a yoga teacher training with a year prior. She had since trained in Thai massage and gave me the most delicious head massage. I then offered her a letter of gratitude and shared in the note just how special she was.

I walked around the halls of the studio and read some powerful quotes on the walls about silence, introspection, truth. My soul felt so alive. I then snuck into the bathroom and texted my husband to send some love his way!

The crazy thing is that the 3 hours FLEW by. It was SOO powerful, so juicy, so wonderful.

Then, at the stroke of midnight, David and Sharon led the hundreds of people there in a beautiful Sanskrit chant. I lost myself in the 108 repetitions, the community, the vibe. Afterwards, they shared their message for the new year and bid everyone adieu.

Jenn and I skipped out of that studio into the subway. We were glowing.

I started that new year with more focus, clarity and fantastic-ness than I EVER had in my life. The rest of that year was so amazing … and the years just keep getting better.

I share that story with you to encourage YOU to think about what you want in the coming year. Set the tone NOW.

Be intentional.

Be willing to make change. Try something new.

Be bold.

Be FULLY you.

Expect GOOD things.

And when you get nervous or scared about what lies ahead, tell yourself the absolute BEST is coming. Believe this, then open up your heart and your hands and receive what is rightfully yours.

So …

You may be wondering what I’m doing tonight to celebrate this auspicious time. Well, after I put my toddler to bed (solo as my hubby is traveling on biz), I will put on some fun music, light candles, and create my NEW vision board for what I want to manifest in 2011. I’ve got lots of magazines, glue sticks, and excitement … and that’s all I need. Woo hoo!

Tomorrow morning, a babysitter is coming over so I can attend a New Year’s Day special yoga class with one of my favorite teachers. I’m psyched!

Before I go, I want to thank YOU for being in my life. Thank you for your support and love and energy. The divine in me bows to the divine in you.

So … off you go … welcome in this new year in a way that only YOU can. I’m excited for you!

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