More Than a Princess

On this day of LOVE, I want to reach out and remind you of one simple fact:


Yup, you are LOVED by so many people … and the one person who loves you the most is YOU. This is the secret to bringing in ALL the love you want. It starts with YOU. The way you express love to yourself sets the tone for how you want to be loved by everyone else in your life.

How will you love yourself today? Make it juicy! Make it fun. Why not make it a fab week (not just a day) of loving yourself?

I got things started today with a bubble bath, candle and book this morning. Then I booked a spa day this weekend. Why not?

Ya know, I didn’t always know how to take care of myself and love myself like I deserved to be loved. It’s been a long, bumpy road.

My journey to healing, knowing and loving myself fully began many years ago (and it’s certainly a work in progress – requiring constant vigilance!) …

I was in my early 20s, working hard yet struggling to pay my bills in New York City, in a series of love affairs gone wrong, and wondering if it was time to abandon my dreams, pack it in and move back to Florida, when I finally took a stand.

I bought myself something that I still have next to my bed today. It’s a picture from StoryPeople that truly is my mantra in this world.

The name of the piece of art that helped me turn my life around is “More Than a Princess.”

The message of the picture:

“Are you a princess? I said & she said I’m much more than a princess, but you don’t have a name for it yet here on earth.”

These words STILL ring true for me more than a decade later … and I have a feeling they always will. That’s why I keep them so close to my pillow, the place where I dream every night.

So, on this Valentine’s Day, I hereby give you permission to LOVE yourself up and down today. Remember that you’re much more than a princess … you are WHATEVER you want to be, you magical woman, you.

** What do you want to call yourself? I’m going with Golden Goddess for me. Feels yummy. Share your words below. Can’t wait to hear from you! Love, love, and more love. **

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