Question Corner: “What’s a Good Audiobook to Help Me Feel More Centered?”

Question: Do you have any suggestions for a good audiobook to help me feel grounded and centered? I’m feeling crazed and overwhelmed and need to get back to a whole state of me. Thanks! – Dana, New York, NY

Jenny says: Hi there Dana! Thanks for reaching out. You’re not alone with these feelings … so many people find themselves in this boat.

A few recommendations:
– One is an audio I created: 5 Minutes to Feel More Sane, Smart, Sexy & Successful. You can download it for FREE here. Enjoy!
– Also check out Pema Chodron’s “Getting Unstuck” and Cheryl Richardson’s “The Art of Extreme Self-Care.” You can download both from iTunes. I think you’ll find their work immensely helpful.

Hang in there, my friend. Things will get better with your consistent effort. Remember to BREATHE and stay in the NOW.

Much love,


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