Use Your Gifts For Good

I carry the weight of my dreams on my shoulders. I carry a life lived for two ever since my sister died. Once a burden, now a gift. I carry life.

With age and wisdom I’ve learned that carrying too much at once is a joke, a waste, a travesty. Lightening my load has become my mantra, my mission.

I used to carry enough guilt, sadness and confusion to break my back, make me sick, exhaust me.

No more.

When did I wake up? When I realized I was going to throw my life away by spending time with people who didn’t deserve me … and by missing out on opportunities that were custom-made for me and my gifts.

Thank God I woke up and saw the beauty that was my life before I wound up screwing it up.

I think Julie played a role in my redemption. She always has. The consummate little sister she was always my biggest fan. Little did she know I was hers.

“Wind Beneath My Wings” playing at her funeral was tragically appropriate. Yes, she was my hero and I’m not sure she ever knew that.

Well, Julie has been the driving force in my life. My guardian angel. The force of nature that ensured I never fell too off track, got into too much irreversible trouble, or doubted myself too much.

I’m amazed how much power and presence a dead sister has on my life … and has for close to 20 years.

Julie – what kind of magic dust do you have coursing through your veins? You are a tour de force.

The gal we picked to win the scholarship in your name this year is YOU … only different. I’m beyond thrilled this young woman will accept the Julie Amon Dolphins of Strength Scholarship this Thursday night in our hometown. She is using her energy to do such good in this world. And so are you.

I believe that is why we are all here. To use our gifts for good. Maybe on a small scale, perhaps on a massive scale … the size doesn’t matter.

Use our gifts for good.


Join in the conversation, my friend. How are you using your gifts for good in the world? Comment below. I’ll see you there!

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