Question Corner: The Benefits of Non-Stop Learning

Question: Hi Jenny! I was wondering how you and your husband like the writing class you are taking together? You are such an inspiration balancing everything you do and still finding time for yourself! – Tracy, New Smyrna Beach, FL

Jenny says: Tracy, thanks so much for the fun question. Steven and I are totally digging the writing class. We’re 2 weeks into it, but it’s taught us so much about expressing ourselves and also carving out 15 minutes a day to write! We are meeting interesting people in our community and also love getting to know each other on a deeper level. One of the best parts is going out to our fave ice cream shop afterwards to download about the class. (My husband and I both have major sweet tooths!)

We’ve done a few of these learning-type experiences before. Film class, dance class, a meditation workshop, a couples retreat, sight-seeing tours in foreign countries. A shared value in learning, growing and living life on the edge makes it really fun for us.

I can’t speak highly enough of continuing to learn … whether that learning is by yourself, with your husband/partner or with a friend. Look out for classes, workshops and experiences that speak to you and SIGN UP. Bulletin boards at your fave cafe or community center tend to post local events – this is a great source. Also subscribe to newsletters and catalogs that are up your alley.

One of my clients just signed up for a trapeze class. How cool is that?

Make it happen. Book the babysitter, get off of work, tell your family you’re unavailable during your class. No one can do it for you except for YOU. I bet you will learn something about yourself that you never knew (or you forgot) … and this learning will get you that much closer to living the JUICY, purpose-driven life that you so deserve.

Much love,

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