Question Corner: Alternative Methods to Help with Fertility & Conception

Question: My husband and I have tried unsuccessfully for nearly 18 months to get pregnant. While I haven’t lost all hope (we both got checked and are totally healthy, thank goodness!), I am looking for some alternative/non-traditional methods to help with fertility (or at least to keep my spirits up during the process!). I just don’t know where to start – the Internet is a blessing and a curse when it comes to this stuff. Thanks! – Jessica, Detroit, MI

Jenny says: Thanks for reaching out. I feel your frustration. Keep the faith!

While I’m certainly not a doctor, I am a big believer in looking at Eastern/more spiritual approaches to bringing a baby into your life. Here are some tips that may be helpful. I used many of them myself and am blessed to be a mom of two young sons.

  • Get things moving in your body. Acupunture can be really helpful here. Also look into doing a cleanse. Clear out the old stuff, make room for the new.
  • Get in tune with the moon cycles. One way to do this is through New Moon Meditations. Here’s an example. Make 3 wishes at the start of the New Moon cycle (you can look up the cycles online), write them down, put them in an envelope that you see everyday and bless those wishes! Focus on inviting those wishes to come true over the next 30 days … and take steps towards those desires. This is POWERFUL.
  • Read (positive, non-scary!) books about the miracle of childbirth. I recommend “Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives” by Deepak Chopra and David Simon and “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth” by Ina May Gaskin.
  • Go on vacation! Each time my hubby and I conceived we were on vaca. Don’t stress. Don’t hyper-control. Believe in your body. Know that your baby is waiting for you.
  • Have a vision! Create a vision board and put a picture of the baby on your board.
  • Check out my friend Nancy Bevers of Vibrational Child. She helps parents welcome their children and allow them to develop, grow and flourish as the beings connected to Source that they truly are. I participated in her Bringing in the Babies group.
  • Write letters to your baby! Connect. He/she is out there. Invite their spirit in. You must make the space for this.
  • Check out Pratima Raichur’s work. She’s a healer and ayurvedic doctor in New York City. You can do consults with her to analyze your dosha, get recommendations on foods to consume and foods to avoid, and purchase herbs that can cleanse and balance your system.
  • Consider meeting with a midwife for your care. I worked with a midwife for my last pregnancy and it was SO much different than working with an ob-gyn. Could be a great experience for you … and can be the shift you need.
  • Surround yourself with positive energy! Once you do that, watch the magic happen. One powerful source of feminine support is happening at the Retreat for Goddesses I’m hosting this summer. Here are the details:

Sending you much love and support in your mothering journey. Enjoy the ride!


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