Question Corner: Coach Training Program Insight

Question: I’m considering becoming a coach and going through the coach training program at iPEC. Do you feel as if your iPEC training really prepared you for success in this field? Are you content with the amount of success/growth you have had so far?       – Tammy, New York, NY 

Jenny says: Congrats on your interest in coaching and iPEC!

Yes, I do feel that iPEC prepared me well to be a fantastic coach. I joined the training program in 2008 and started coaching immediately. Fantastic clients essentially fell in my lap! It was awesome to see the universe really reward me once I figured out what my gift was and how to share it with the world. The training program did touch on business building, but I recommend doing extra work to really learn the ins and outs of marketing your business. I have a business background so that has helped me immensely. I’ve also invested in working with coaches and consultants since graduation and this investment has paid off.

In terms of getting outside counsel and help, at first I bartered with my fellow graduates. This is easy to do and really great as you’re growing as a coach and entrepreneur. In the last 2 years, I stepped up my game by joining a high-level entrepreneurs mastermind group and hiring a top-notch coach/strategist. Makes a big difference! To be a good coach with a thriving business I believe you need to invest in your business and yourSELF continuously.

iPEC was the start of a beautiful new chapter in my life. I recommend the program whole-heartedly! Good luck to you!

Much love,

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