Surrendering to the Flow of Life

How often do you allow yourself to fully be in the flow of life? You know, when you just surrender to the beauty of synchronicity, faith, love and connection.

I’ve been swimming around in this feeling of openness lately … this feeling of throwing my arms up in the air and saying, “okay!” For the first time in a long time, I’m not resisting what IS.

Case in point: Just this past weekend I received an email from a gal I had never met. Many months ago, my husband, son and I were eating at a local pizza joint when we started talking to an older couple and their grandson. The grandson and my son were both 2 years old so they were being their cute toddler selves – hence our connection. The grandparents suggested we give them our information so they could pass it onto their daughter and son-in-law the next time they come into town. I gave them my card and didn’t think another thing about that conversation … until I got Tammy’s email reminding me of that dinner connection many moons ago.

So we made a plan to meet up the next day – a blind date if you will. Anyone with kids knows how great it is to meet cool parents who have kids the same age as yours. Getting to know these parents and kids is similar to dating.

So … off we went on our family date. Brunch at my fave cafe.

We all had a blast at brunch. Turns out Tammy and her mother own a fab designer consignment store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan where I bought my Badgley Mischka wedding dress seven years ago. Small world! That dress served me well in many ways.

Our kiddos got along great. We all seemed to have similar interests. We had so much fun together that we decided to go to play indoor putt-putt golf once brunch was over. Our original plan of going to an art show got rained out. Instead of being totally bummed about it (I love that art show), I just went with it. Off to golf we went. And as luck would have it, as soon as I walked into the building, who do I run into but a friend and client! Julie and I got chatting and catching up (she’s done amazing things since our VIP Coaching Clarity Retreat together a few months ago). She then offers us some extra tickets to the James Taylor performance at Tanglewood in the Berkshires for the following day. Awesome! The day before, I had been looking around Craig’s List to no avail for tix to the sold-out show.

The show was amazing … and of course was nothing like I thought it would be. Our “plan” and the actual experience didn’t match up, but it didn’t matter because it was great. I’ve recently fallen in love with the saying: “You make plans and God laughs.”

I’ve learned that once I stop resisting what IS and just get into the flow of life, everything gets SO much better. Truly. Magic starts happening and doesn’t stop.

That’s my message to you today.

Throw your expectations out the window and just swim around in the beauty of your life.

Trust that there is a larger purpose to what’s going on. You may not realize what that is for quite some time, but you’ll know eventually. Be patient and keep rocking.

Make a new friend.

Have a vision for where you’re going, but don’t be trapped by HOW you’re going to get there.

Make your decisions from a place of WHY (your legacy, your purpose).

Stop working so hard. Start enjoying more.

Remember the only person you’re competing with is yourself.

Laugh a lot.




Have faith.

Have fun. You’re allowed.

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