Unsticking the Stuck, One Miracle at a Time

Guest Post By Sandra Wapniarski, Creator, beWomensNetwork

When life opens up you see things differently. Your fears turn into challenges, your mere existence turns into joy, and your negative turns into positive. When you un-stick the stuck, everything changes right before your eyes.

When a woman finds her true purpose and connects to her core essence, like-minded hearts move towards her. Opportunities present themselves, and every day a shift occurs.  And each day as the healing continues, as the negative is released and each layer is peeled back, exposed, and cleared, space is created to accept all the positive, happiness, joy, peace and financial opportunities. Your situation changes. It is just so cool how every day you see your life change right before your eyes. The Universe provides you everything you need just at the time and in the amount you need it. Your mind set changes. And the law of attraction begins to work its magic one miracle at a time.

As my world changes each moment, each day, I attract all the glorious opportunities that I am asking for.  It is as though a pathway to my true purpose lengthens and extends, and I see the plan unfolding one day at a time. Each day I take another step as I live out my true purpose.

There is no doubt, there is no rush, there is pure FAITH. And with this FAITH, my mindset has shifted finally to the positive thinking that I have been trying to master for over 6 years. I now know that I am supported and that the strong desires that I envision each day are coming true.

I asked my angels to bring to me like-minded souls and then I met Jenny.

I have received so many emails and offers regarding retreats and events, but nothing ever rang true in my mind. But there was something that struck me about Jenny. She never gave up. Jenny had the strong desire to bring together a Goddess Retreat. And Jenny manifested this dream. And we all benefited because of it.

I soon realized that I had attracted a group of extraordinary women, warm hearts and souls, who have dreams and visions; who are unique and non-judgmental; whose life experiences have brought them to their true purpose or on a life adventure.

When I arrived at Angels’ Rest, it was like I finally had found home. It is unexplainable, the peace and comfort I immediately felt, I had never experienced before. I did not feel fear, I did not feel strange, and I did not feel concerned that I was meeting up with women I had never met before. I felt an immediate connection.

The view at Angels' Rest

I know that attending the Retreat for Goddesses was no coincidence. I know that this was a deliberate piece to my puzzle. I have made connections that I know will last a lifetime. I have met women whose stories are inspirational.

Jenny found for us heaven, a place where we felt safe and not judged, to be able to release blocked emotional pain in a safe and supported environment … if that is what we wanted to do.  We shared, we cried, we laughed, we learned, we danced! We were inspired, we were supported and we had fun! We sat in silence. And we ate the most phenomenal food!

Putting dreams on paper

I had daily aha moments, I experience “Divine Downloads” and I left with more opportunities, more connections and more motivation. I left inspired.

And now I have the opportunity to stay connected and the door opens each day just a little more.

During my alone time, my time to reflect, I wrote this journal entry:

This morning I woke up surrounded by this beauty. I made my way outside and sat on an oddly placed wooden chair. I placed my coffee cup in the cup holder that was made just for me. I noticed the little specs of paint and cracks settled into the new paint. I listened to the music of the crickets and the birds chirping. Not only did I realize the support of Mother Nature, I realized what I was doing for my soul. And as the tears of joy trickled down my cheek, I looked up at the perfect blue sky and realize I have found immense joy. Thank you to Jenny and my fellow Goddesses. Today we are energetically aligned.”

I have Jenny and all the amazing women I met at this retreat to thank for this experience.  I am gonna MAKE IT SO!

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