A Cup of Hot Chocolate: A Tradition Lost, A Tradition Found

Guest Post by Sandra Wapniarski, Creator of www.bewomensnetwork.com

*This is the first guest post in our series by members of the Gutsy Goddess Society. Members were given the opportunity to share their holiday and New Year’s traditions and rituals with the Zen Jenny community. Enjoy!

What a life, what a journey. 2011 was a year of growth for my family. 2010 was a year of devastation; we cried, we experienced anguish, we prayed for positivity so deeply. As I look back on what I then considered devastation, I realize in retrospect, that it was such a very necessary step; a blessing. God burdened us with the hardships so that we could make the changes quickly and fiercely. The hardships triggered out strength; sink or swim.  We ALL chose to swim and changed the course of 2011.

I remember Christmas 2010, I felt so alone. Family and celebration were no where to be found. I could feel the negative in the air; no remote sense of celebration at all. We felt not one reason to celebrate. We felt disappointment really; at what 2010 had delivered to us, at what hardships we had faced throughout the year individually and as a family. We just wanted this crazy turmoil to be over.  I could actually see and feel the bad taste in my daughter’s eyes. I sensed disillusionment not celebration.

There were no gifts under the tree. There was no tree.  We did not feel the whimsical magic that usually overtook our house. The warmth was replaced by cold.  The turkey was not basting in the oven, there were no people. There were no decorations. There was nothing. There was no hot chocolate on Christmas Day as we un-wrapped the Christmas gifts. There were no gifts. Or so we thought.

As 2011 came without a whisper, with no advanced notice or warning, the deliberate Divine triggered devastation clearly became the catalyst to my family’s reactive growth and success. What a gift that turned out to be.

It may not have been clear at the time as 2010 formally exited, but it quickly became clear that God was giving us the greatest gift of all. The pain and sorrow of 2010 turned to happiness, gratefulness, success, joy, health and peace for 2011. The cup was no longer EMPTY it was completely FULL.

I was an observer this past year. I observed miracles; sometimes from afar, sometimes I was smack in the middle. I observed growth; spiritual growth and personal growth of myself, of others, of my children.  I connected with myself this year. I grew into myself, I held my own. I made my way. I continue to make my way.  As a person, as a woman, I changed. I am not the same woman I was in 2010. I connected with so many amazing people. I discovered my true purpose.

One decision I made this year was to join the Gutsy Goddess Society (GGS); a network of women, pursuing their dreams, together – a Mastermind group; infinite intelligence. Formed and led by Jenny Fenig. Jenny, with a dream and in pursuit of her purpose, manifested the Gutsy Goddess Society. Created to realize her calling and to bring women together to support each other in life; creating a fabulous life, a life without limits. This for me was a leap of faith, a testament to my taking my life and running fast, hard and deliberately; a testament to my growth; A celebration of my life and my present. GGS supports me. GGS helps me realize my dreams. GGS drives me to pursue my desires, my purpose. I am grateful.

With a renewed sense of GRATITUDE, I can safely say that on the morn of Chrismukkah 2011, my house was FULL; full of people, full of gifts, full of hope, happiness, peace and joy as we raise our CUPS OF HOT CHOCOLATE once again.

Many, many blessings to you!

Sandra Wapniarski is a life passion and motivational coach, speaker and leader. You can find out more about Sandra and her new “Clear and Release” program (it rocks!) at www.bewomensnetwork.com.

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