Prosperity Soup: A New Twist On An Old Tradition

Guest Post by Dawn Falcone

*This is the third guest post in our series by members of the Gutsy Goddess Society. Members were given the opportunity to share their holiday and New Year’s traditions and rituals with the Zen Jenny community. Enjoy!

My family has been eating lentil soup on New Year’s Day for as long as I can remember. I was told that I had to eat it to ensure prosperity in the upcoming year. For the longest time, I thought it was just some weird Italian superstition, but I found out that Brazilians & Spaniards also believe in it.

When I lived in Rhode Island, my entire family and I used to go to my Aunt Chickie’s house for her soup on New Year’s Day. For some reason, my family believed that her soup would guarantee even more wealth than my mother or grandmother’s version. Our family was so large that we came and ate in shifts. Everyone had to consume at least three spoonfuls of lentils. I think that’s some Catholic thing, representing the Holy Trinity.

Aunt Chickie’s real name was Frances. She was no taller than 4’5″ even in her gold high-heeled slippers. She had short, blonde, fuzzy hair and a cute little laugh, so maybe that’s how she got her nickname. She was feisty! She smoked, swore like a sailor and played a mean game of cards. I always associated Aunt Chickie with the summertime. We spent many a day in her backyard playing in her pool.

Chickie taught generations of kids to swim and dive. Her enthusiasm and encouraging words not only contagious but needed to conquer our swimming fears.

I continue the lentil soup tradition today in New York City in Aunt Chickie’s honor. On the first morning of 2012, I threw some lentils, diced carrots, celery, stock and lots of garlic into a crock-pot and waited for the wonderful aroma to overtake my home.

This year I decided that I want to spread the wealth, so I made an extra large batch of this family recipe and delivered it to some inspiring women in my life. It’s my small way of letting these friends and neighbors know that I cherish their gifts and look forward to watching 2012 unfold.

**How about you? What did you do to welcome in 2012? Please share in the Comments section below!**

Dawn Falcone is an organizing and design expert and the owner of Dawn Falcone Lifestyles, the leader in transforming your home into a personal paradise. She’s also a stellar member of the Gutsy Goddess Society – Rebel tier.


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