My Confession: Faith, Breaking Free + Dr. King

On a day when we honor Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who risked his own life to make his dream of equal rights for all a reality, I’ve chosen to read many of the words he spoke during his lifetime. What a visionary. One of my favorite places to read quotes and sayings is You can search by topic or person and you’ll find a wealth of cool data.

One of my favorite quotes of Dr. King’s is this:

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

Exactly one year ago, I had a dream … to FINALLY get clear about my path in life and business. To finally get clear about who I serve, the magic I offer, and the legacy I want to leave in the world.

You see, I had been in business for myself for 3 years at that point. Things were going well, but I have a confession to make: I felt a bit lost, a bit muddy, a bit scattered. Yup, me the woman and coach who may seem uber-confident and “put together” on the outside was swimming around in a sea of confusion. Ugh.

To help paint a picture, my business and personal life had transformed a lot during that time … I stepped away from freelance conference production work and leading in-person moms support groups and truly embraced my global coaching and information marketing business … I fine-tuned my niche a few times to best represent the types of women I wanted to serve … I had a child and was pregnant with baby #2 … I moved from the bright lights of New York City to the cultured country of the Berkshires … and I let go of some relationships that sucked me dry (that’s what energy vampires will do if you let them) to focus on spending time with people who fueled me and got me.

So in January of last year, I wanted to ensure that what I was creating in the world was still in line with the evolved vision I had for my life. I’d fallen in the trap of doing work in the past that robbed me of my top values of freedom, flexibility and family … and you’d better believe that I wasn’t going back there. It sucks.

Because I believe in getting HELP from experts, teachers and guides (the best investment you can make is on your own education and growth), I hired a top mentor to guide me on this quest: Fabienne Fredrickson of

Me + Fabienne after my "hot seat". What an experience!


It was faith over fear that allowed me to fork over $2,000 for the chance to spend the day with her and a handful of other heart-centered entrepreneurs for our coaching intensive meeting. Gulp.

Of course there was a massive snowstorm the day before our meeting, so much so that my mom (who flew up from Florida to watch my son) suggested that perhaps the meeting would be cancelled. But I wouldn’t be derailed. Your dreams have a way of pushing you like that once you’ve tapped into what those dreams are.

So off I went for my 3-hour drive to Stamford, Connecticut, 6 months pregnant and all. The roads were full of snow, but I enjoyed the ride, drove slow and steady, and stayed focused on my quest.

The day with Fabienne and the others was spectacular. It was there, while I was up in the “hot seat,” that I got clear about so many things:

  • My message: “Find Your Path. Leave a Legacy. Enjoy the Ride.”
  • My legacy: Empowering women (you!) to be gutsy leaders in sharing your gift with the world
  • My next “big” move that will change everything: Writing my book
  • Clarity around who I am: A lightworker
  • How to share my big work with the world without losing my connection to my family or to myself
  • How to think bigger and break through fear
  • Why holding myself back hurts more than just me
  • Why being coached by someone whose walked the road I want to walk shortens my learning curve and makes my life a ton easier and more fun

I immediately went home and started hosting this transformative days for my clients (how could I hold back something as transformative as what I had experienced?!), only I designed them as private VIP days for one client and myself … and they were spectacular. (You can read more about those days here).

Well, fast forward one year and here I am, about to host one of these days in New York City (my former home) for a handful of smart, savvy ladies who are ready to break free from a blah life, from a life that looks good on the outside, but is painfully not “you” anymore (or was it ever?) on the inside.

It’s the VIP Coaching Intensive, it’s happening in 11 days, and it’s freakin’ amazing. (And it’s priced very affordably at a lot less than $2,000!)

And if you’ve been considering it, but have been afraid to take the leap, well it’s time to learn from Dr. King and take that step even IF you can’t see the whole staircase. That’s exactly what one of the gals who has stepped up to join me has done.

Read her words …

“Dear Jenny,

I don’t have ANY money and I didn’t hesitate for one second. I will be living the next few months on CREDIT with an abundance mindset and after I pay my income taxes there will be money left over to pay off my accrued credit card debt! Can I put a price on my sanity or having a great 11 months? Nope and if I could I’m sure it would be a lot more than I paid! I remembered “JFDI” from the first phone call I listened to of yours. Plus, I missed the Retreat for Goddesses this past summer and planned on going this summer so to me it’s like getting NYC FREE and the 3-day Retreat at a great price!” – Julia Slike, Independent Senior Director of Thirty-One Gifts

You’ll notice Julia mentioned that she scored a complimentary registration to the Retreat for Goddesses. She’s a smart cookie! Well, in the spirit of wanting you to experience the transformation that awaits you at BOTH the VIP Coaching Intensive this month AND the Retreat for Goddesses this summer, I’ve decided to offer you this chance to score your complimentary registration to the retreat (your travel and lodging costs are additional) when you apply and are accepted into the VIP Coaching Intensive … but this offer DISAPPEARS midnight tomorrow, January 17.

You’re not going to want to miss either experience. I promise.

Get all the details here and put your faith in action.

I’ll sign off today with another fantastic quote by Dr. King. Let it sink in … there is so much truth in it, it brings me to tears …

“If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.”

Sending you love, faith and purpose in abundant measures.



P.S. If you’re wondering, “JFDI” means: “Just freakin’ do it.”

P.P.S. It’s okay if you share this with a friend. Sure, the offer I laid out above can be transferred, but only until TOMORROW at midnight Eastern.

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