Question Corner: Giving Back to Yourself on a Budget

QuestionHow do you give back to yourself when you can’t afford spa treatments, fancy yoga studio classes, retreat weekends, concerts, plays and the like … or even a really nice dinner out with the hub?  When you’re just scraping by and already worrying about giving what you can to your family and children, how do you spoil yourself? – Tara, New Smyrna Beach, FL

Jenny says: Great question, Tara. There are lots of “free” ways to treat yourself. One of my faves is soaking in a bubble bath and reading a book or listening to an inspiring audio or music. I also love taking walks with my kids. We just got a double stroller for Hanukkah and we’re having fun with that. There’s nothing sweeter than nature so enjoy the beauty that is all around you. Go for a hike. Go for a run. Take a journal and look at the ocean. Paint what you see. Enjoy it!

How about starting a tradition at home that you can get really excited about? We recently started a weekly movie night and my 3-year-old goes crazy for it. Easy breezy and lots of fun.

I also suggest that you work on creating a wealthy mindset. Thinking of yourself as broke or scraping by gets really old, really fast. You’ll stay in that place forever if you aren’t willing to shift the way you think. One great book you MUST read: “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. I’m sure your local library has it. It’s a classic that has been read by millions. A gem!

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