Who Are You Following?

Me, Dana + James celebrating our cosmic connection in Miami

I’ve been in South Florida for the past few days for a combination of a family vacation (visiting my in-laws) and a little bit of biz. It’s been a great trip and we leave in just a few hours to head back up North. I hear it’s cold again … ugh. Oh well, I certainly got my fill of the warmth for a bit.

So, on Sunday I led a workshop at Ayama Yoga in Miami. It’s a studio owned by the boyfriend of my friend Dana, who I grew up with. Dana and I have led parallel lives in so many ways. We both were public relations majors at the University of Florida, both chose to start our careers at Porter Novelli – I worked in New York, she in Los Angeles. And we both eventually went out on our own to start our own businesses. Dana is a year younger than me and confessed that she had always been following in my footsteps. She’s a rockstar so just hearing that left me humbled and honored. Especially because I follow her, too.

Dana rents out office space to another dear friend James. James and I met in college, another fellow PR buddy, and I introduced the two of them years back when Dana visited me in NYC. James was a year older than me and a true mentor. He went to New York City between his junior and senior years for an internship at a major PR firm. He came back with stories galore and a big message for me: do it. I had never been to NYC, never dreamed about going there ’til my dear friend fills my head with stories and hopes and visions. So, I did what he suggested: I landed an internship the summer after my junior year at a global PR firm. That same firm hired me back after I graduated the following year and I spent the first 4 years of my career there. James was also my first roommate in NYC. Ya, I lived with him and another guy and whoa, was that a crazy fun experience. Think “Real World” NYC-style, albeit with roomies dating (me and the other guy, not James … that’s why we’re still friends!). Well, James was someone who I was following because I liked the dreams he was having … he taught me how to dream bigger. I’ll always be grateful for James for allowing me to follow in his footsteps. My life is better because of it.

James, Dana and I had dinner at a fab Thai restaurant a few nights ago after my “Goddesses, Guts + Glory: The Art of Knowing + Getting What You Want” workshop in Miami. We acknowledged what a cosmic connection we all have. We each have been following each other and our lives look pretty darn good as a result. We each are successful business owners. We march to the beat of our own drummers. We like nice things and can afford the luxuries of life. We are committed to our growth and aren’t afraid of change.

Cosmic buddies we are … following each other … living our own version of the dream.

I’m so excited to see where our lives will go next …

How about you? Are you living your dream? REALLY living your dream? Or are you playing small for fear of disappointment or the feeling that you don’t deserve to have what you want? I heard many of these types of stories during my workshop at Ayama Yoga in Miami. Women confessed that they didn’t know what they want … or weren’t sure how to get the confidence to follow a new path.

I’ve got news for you: ALL that you want is YOURS for the taking. But you must ACT to make it so. Nothing will come to you by doing nothing. You have to get out of your HEAD. You must DECIDE to live your dream and then take action steps EVERY DAY to make your dream real. You’ve got to be a hustler. And you have to follow some inspiring peeps who can pave the way for you.

Don’t go it alone. And don’t be afraid to dream really, freakin’ big.

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“Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer.” – Marcia Wieder

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