It’s Not About You (or Me)

When I get frustrated and overwhelmed with the responsibility of running a business, I remember: it’s not about me.

When I feel lost and unsure of which move to make next, I remember: I’m not alone.

When my clients share their fears and doubts about stepping out and stepping up in their business and life, I help them remember: you are safe.

Yes, safe, supported, and held up by the beauty that is life.

Often our path is laid out in front of us … and it’s NOT what we thought it would look like. NOT AT ALL.

We resist. We stare in disbelief. We wonder if it’s a joke.

We try to forget what we know to be true.

No dice.

The truth will set you free.

You know what else sets you free?

Taking the focus off of you … and putting it on someone else who would benefit from a lift. A group, a cause, a mission, something larger than yourself.

Do you have one? If not, get one.

Not sure what your passion project and mission is?

It’s really not that hard to find causes that you’re crazy about. What has your life been sending your way to experience? There are major signs there.

For my clients, this ranges from educational policy and addition recovery to youth music programs and access to yoga for everyone. I love seeing the women I work with share their gift in a very profound way. It truly is the key to sustainable success and happiness. When the going gets tough (and it WILL!), you’ve gotta be able to tap into your larger mission. Without this, you’re lost without a compass …

For me, I’ve come to realize just how much I adore supporting tomorrow’s leaders in living their dreams. Cultivating talent makes me come alive.

I got my first taste of this when I led the internship program at the public relations firm in NYC where I started my career 13 years ago. And I really dug in here a few years ago when I created a college scholarship in my sister’s memory in my hometown in Florida.

Two weeks ago I met the three winners of the 3rd annual Julie Amon Dolphins of Strength Scholarship. These young ladies are superb, and it’s my distinct pleasure to invest in their dreams.

  • Natasha, adopted from Brazil as a baby, is 5th in her graduating class, interns in the ER at the local hospital and has hopes of studying medicine to become a neurosurgeon. Her optimism is contagious. When we asked her to look back on her life and describe it, she said: “My life was extremely fortunate, full of love, laughter, wonder, amazement, and excitement. I would remember the little moments of pure joy like the thrill of skiing, hours of playing games with my little sister, and when I realized family can go beyond blood relation.”
  • Olivia, 9th in her class, founder and president of the Free Thinkers Club, and editor of the yearbook, dreams of becoming a journalist. In her essay, she said: “In high school, I have heard students say that they want a college degree so they can make tons of money, have nice cars or homes. Although financial security is a perfectly acceptable goal, it is not the reason why I desire a degree in political journalism. I want to help people, to make their lives better and more fair. The Julie Amon Dolphins of Strength Scholarship will help me progress as a journalist and as a humanitarian, and hopefully lead to my involvement in the struggle for a better world.”
  • Kathleen, a softball star and president of the Key Club, had a really tough childhood but has risen up, in spite of it all. Her words: “We live in an imperfect world, and if I had the chance to make changes, I would choose not to. We must live without regrets or else live in the fear of making the wrong decisions. Some people might want to change their childhood because they might be ashamed of had something tragic happen. I am personally one of those people that, if I think about it too hard I would want to change my childhood because I have had so much hardship. I sometimes ask myself, “Why me? Why did I have to go through all that I did?” but then I think about what I wouldn’t have learned if I didn’t go through an unfortunate childhood. If I were to change the worst years of my life I wouldn’t have become a mature, level-headed and appreciative person I am today.”

Thank you cards from scholarship winners. Investing in dreams = a powerful ripple effect that changes the world.

I love these girls.

I love their dreams. I love their courage, their moxie, their smarts.

I love that they don’t let fear steal their momentum.

I love that my business is a vehicle for growth in every dimension imaginable.

I love that it’s not about me. It’s not about you. It’s about WE.

“We thinking” will change the world.

** What about you? What are you passionate about? Please share in the comments here.

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