Mantra Art: How to Keep Going When You Want to Quit

On the quest to live a kick-ass life, sometimes we forget just how important it is to ENJOY ourselves. I know I have fallen in this trap MORE times than I care to admit.

You’ve gotta give yourself CONSTANT permission to have fun, be spontaneous and speak UP for what you want in your life and business.

An activity that has brought me a TON of pleasure is PAINTING. Picking up a paintbrush, dipping it into the colorful paints and then moving that beautiful instrument around a blank canvas does WONDERS for my SOUL.

I first discovered the Zen of painting as a high school student when I “had” to take an art class to graduate. I was nervous to take that class because I thought I would suck at it and I didn’t like to be “bad” at anything (it’s the perfectionist in me). Well, wouldn’t you know it but I had a talent for creating art? And I loved it. I especially liked painting.

But I forgot about painting when I went away to college and then into my high-powered career. Didn’t have time for it even though my inner voice was calling me to take an art class when I was living in NYC. I went so far as to research these classes, but never jumped. It wasn’t a priority.

Well last summer I did something bold. I went into an art store and bought the BIGGEST canvas I could find, along with some paints and brushes. I saw all the fun my son was having painting his heart out. Why couldn’t I?

Plus, I needed some real INSPIRATION to continue pursuing my entrepreneurship path … because there were days that were NOT easy.

It took me months to sit down with my art project. I was scared. What if I didn’t like it? What if I didn’t know what to paint on this massive blank slate? What if my husband didn’t like it? What if it sucked?

After a while, the image of what I wanted to paint came into my mind nearly every day. So, I sat down and sketched this idea. It was beautiful. Like a mantra that was beckoning me to LISTEN to its wisdom.

Make it so.” “Make it so.” “Make it so.”

That’s what I painted. It’s been my THEME for almost a year now. This GIANT piece of art hangs high above our fireplace in the living room.

Then, about a week ago, another urge to create came over me. Off to the art store I went to collect my tools.

These words came out onto the canvas: “Believe in your dreams.”

I surrounded this mantra in sparkly glitter. That’s how I roll.

Here’s my message and assignment for you:


Get paintbrushes, a canvas and some paints.

Paint your emotions and feelings.

Paint your soul.

Have fun with it.

Then hang your painting in a spot where it will inspire you the MOST.

It’s up to Y-O-U to create the life and business of your DREAMS. Nobody else can do this for you. It’s YOUR game here.

Sure, we can have helpful partners on our journey (I don’t recommend going it alone!), but YOU must be the one who is calling the shots.

You’ve gotta make the call, send the email, sign up for the retreat, hire people, let people go, launch programs, land clients, say yes, say no (with grace), and basically DO WHATEVER it takes to uncover, own and profit from your gift in the world.

Get it? PAINT your vision. Make it ABSOLUTELY kick-ass, inspiring and a TRUE reflection of your SPIRIT. My friend, THIS IS WHY YOU ARE HERE. The MORE you do this, the MORE you will be rewarded for your efforts and energy.

It will NOT always be easy (NO!), but it WILL be worth it.


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