Growing, Evolving + Shedding Old Layers

Life is full of cycles and to continue to grow, everything MUST continue to change.

As I celebrate the success of the transformational and deep Retreat for Goddesses and continue to step into my power and purpose in my business, I’m realizing that some of the programs and services I offered my clients before – with great success – are no longer serving the direction I’m going or the needs of the clients I’m attracting.

You see, my business and mission is getting bigger. Because I’m growing, evolving and shedding old layers that don’t fit me anymore. I hope that same can be said for you (if you don’t grow, you die).

And recently I made the decision to stop offering my popular Clarity Power Hour coaching calls.

It was difficult because I know the kinds of dramatic results my clients have experienced during these 60-minute private sessions with me. Results like:

  • Uncovering blocks that have slowed your progress in business, life and spirit
  • Thinking bigger instantly about how you show up in the world
  • Getting the confidence to find your voice and use it
  • Creating a step-by-step plan to share your gift in the most powerful, profitable way possible
  • Carving out a clear path to get to where you want to be in every dimension of your world

So here’s the deal: I’m offering 23 of these between now and Labor Day, but after Labor Day, they are NO LONGER for sale (you can book your session to happen anytime in 2012 as long as you get in before they’re gone).

If you are looking for clarity in your business, life and spirit, commit now to spend an hour with me. Because after September 3rd (or when the spots fill), your opportunity to purchase a Clarity Power Hour call with me will be gone.

What do you want to do? Get to the next level in your business? Quit your job? Have a baby? Feel more authentic in the way you move through the world? Make more money? Get healthy? Make a bigger impact with your work? Launch your signature program? Host your first live event or retreat? Spend more time doing things you love? Speak your truth?

Consider it done.

Reserve your spot here.

Let’s do this …

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