Question Corner: Branding Your Company

Question: I follow your posts and site and am on a similar path. I’m even starting iPEC in a few weeks 🙂

I had a question on your own personal experience with your branding, company name and domain. I noticed your brand is all about Jenny Fenig. I’m trying to do the same as far as my name being my brand. I’m a life coach who helps successful career women create a healthy life balance they’ve been craving. However, I have KAO Coaching as my legal company name and that has thrown people off and they get stumped on KAO. I attend networking events or other events that ask for your company name and it’s a common question … I’d like to forget about KAO and just stick with my name. How did you handle people asking you your company name? Did you just say Jenny Fenig?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

– Katie O’Brien, Virginia,

Jenny says: Hey! Thanks for reaching out. Happy to give ya some insight here …

I started my biz as Jenny Fenig Coaching (as a sole proprietorship) in 2008, but evolved into Jenny Fenig Worldwide LLC last year. I’ve always had as my URL because I knew I’d never get sick of my name and have plans to write books and all top authors use their URLs as their homebase. Your name is your brand.

When I go to events, I list Jenny Fenig Worldwide LLC as the company name. It’s large enough to hold my vision and big dream. And I call myself the CEO because I am. That’s been a huge mindset shift for me. I’m a coach and mentor, but the CEO title is crucial.

Hope this helps! Good luck with iPEC. It’s an awesome program. Stay in touch and good luck with your decision. I coach a lot of my clients around this stuff. It’s your brand and it’s important .



Thinking about coach training? I highly recommend iPEC. You can find out more about them here. Tell ’em I sent ya!

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