We Did it!

Wow! I have such extraordinary news to share with you. Ready?

We’re SILVER medalists.

Yup, I’m PSYCHED and HONORED to let you know that Jenny Fenig Worldwide was awarded a SILVER prize in the extraordinary “Entrepreneurs Who Thrive” contest hosted by entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown!

Not only does the biz get HUGE recognition, but we also scored a brand new Apple computer. Woo hoo! I have been eyeing a gorgeous big desktop model (I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro that I love) to go in my new office space that is being designed as we speak. I know I will create the next level of our growth on that brilliant machine. I love smart technology.

To be among such talent and passion in this race was such a gift.

Special thanks to Ali Brown for the ride of my life.

Oodles of gratitude to ALL the female entrepreneurs and women-on-a-mission out there who are lighting the world on fire with their gifts.

Congrats to Danny J Johnson of The Sweaty Betties for taking the Gold. She is a force and I’m proud of her!

Most importantly, thanks to Y-O-U for ALL of the love, support and all-around awesomeness as we rode this campaign wave into a victory.

And because I won SILVER, I’m thrilled to award one of my fab supporters the SILVER prize in the contest I held to drive votes during the campaign – $500 to use towards any product or service I sell!

Drum roll please …

Congratulations to Jen Fitzgerald of The Client Angel. Go girl.

Remember: success is defined by you and you alone.

To know that I have SO many clients, family, friends, and fans with me every step of the way truly is THE honor I hold most dear. I will NEVER forget this 5-day stretch of amazingness. I’m a changed person and my business has evolved too. That’s what happens when you are given an exquisite opportunity and you say “HELL YES!”

I look forward to continuing to support you on your mission to uncover, own and profit from your big gift in the world. I want nothing more than to see you basking in the glory and magic that is waiting for you.

And to help you with this, I invite you to come and join me and other amazing chicks from around the globe in a free video series (just launched yesterday) about “Birthing the 6-Figure Business of Your Soul.”

Bring more freedom, flexibility and wealth into your life starting here now:


Don’t wait.

Don’t be afraid.

Take my hand.

I’ve got your back.

We’re in this together … And You. Are. Amazing.

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