How to Get Your Phone to Ring Off the Hook

I had the coolest conversation yesterday with one of my customers. A few weeks ago, she had purchased one of my products (the Journey Up the Chakras) and shared with me that her life and business have never been the same.

Her phone is ringing off the hook from clients and prospects and her friends are noticing a magnetism to her that they hadn’t seen before (I like to think that it has been dormant, just waiting to be revealed).

She’s digging these results so much that she made the gutsy, wise move to apply for membership in the Gutsy Goddess Society Immersion Program. A few minutes into our conversation, I immediately knew that she was an ideal fit for the program.

I’m able to get a read on someone pretty fast … and this girl is someone who will bring something amazing to the group.

Her commitment to her growth and her ability to hop on an opportunity when it comes is what separates her from the majority who sit on the sidelines watching their life roll by, pissed off and frustrated that things aren’t happening the way they would like in their business.

Do you want to get in the game and join the movers and shakers who are making things happen? Want to be around gutsy women who care deeply about their business, life and spirit?

Well, time is really starting to run out on your opportunity to join the Gutsy Goddess Immersion Program.

This is your chance. Now is your time.

Walk with me and an amazing crew of women who’ve already committed to do the same. Learn how to join us in the Gutsy Goddess Society Immersion Programs for a 9-month adventure filled with soul sisters who will become your new best friends, led by yours truly.

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