A $7800 Lesson: Wasting Money in Your Business

Earlier this week, I chatted with a friend of mine who I respect a great deal. This woman knows business inside and out and always keeps her eye on profits. She’s smart, she’s savvy and knows how to make stuff happen.

And she shared something with me that happens all too often in business that entrepreneurs don’t really talk about:

Wasting money!

Ya, it came up because she confided in me that she had spent $9,000 (plus all the energy she attached to it) to launch a new program that she thought would be a home-run, but in fact ended up generating only $1,200.

Ouch. That’s a $7,800 loss and an expensive lesson.

And the thing that sucks the most is that this happens all the TIME in business, especially when you are an entrepreneur.

Let’s think about all the places you as an entrepreneur (or entrepreneur-in-the-making) might waste your hard-earned cash and energy:
* Building a business that sounds good on paper, but doesn’t give you the lifestyle and income you want
* Not leveraging your time through packages, pricing and promotion
* Unclear branding and messaging that doesn’t attract your ideal clients
* Launching events and workshops, only to have to cancel them when registrations don’t come in
* Chasing after clients who can’t afford to pay you what your worth
* Ineffectiveness at creating a tribe of followers
* Working yourself to the bone with lack of structure, systems and support
* Trying to build a business on the side (for the corporate gals ready to break free) without a real plan or focus on how to do this

I’m sharing this lesson today because I’ve had some women say to me that they want to join the Gutsy Goddess Society Immersion Program, but it’s “expensive.”

My response?

Expensive compared to what? A new car? A college course? A vacation? Hmm …it’s all how you look at it.

Growth isn’t cheap, nor should it be. If it was free, you wouldn’t take it seriously and your results would suffer.

I have to share with you that when I was feeling super-lost, overwhelmed and confused on my business path, I would have paid ANY amount of money to find someone who could help me. Someone who had walked in my shoes … and if they had assembled an amazing crew of women to join me on my journey of moving out of the dark and into the light, then I would have done back-flips.

The Gutsy Goddess Society Immersion Program is my most exquisite creation, custom-built with YOU in mind. It has it ALL …and is worth every penny, and then some.


This is your chance. Now is your time.

Application deadline is Monday, October 1. The ship is leaving the dock. Ready for the ride of your life?

You are worth it.


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