Finding Your Way Home: Manifesting Your Dream Location

Today I’m answering a question from one of my Facebook followers who loves my story of finding my way to the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts after living in New York City and before that, Florida.

Her question: “I’m pining for a place in Vermont. I live out West now and I feel the call to come back East, closer to where I grew up. How did you manage your relocation process? What’s your advice?”

Thanks for the question, dear reader. Here’s my guidance for you …

Yes, I did it! I found my way “home” to my dream community in Massachusetts after being in NYC for 11 years to start and build my career and then in Florida and Georgia before that when I was a kid. My husband and I realized we could do this during a retreat that we took together nearby where we later chose to live.

Check out my below video tip this week to understand how you can create your life around the place you want to live! It’s easier than you think.

P.S. When I went through my own relocation process, my family and I picked up and moved from New York City to the beautiful Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. Once I got here, I conceived the idea for the Retreat for Goddesses. I wanted women to experience this part of the world.

We’ve just launched registration for the 3rd annual – and FINAL – Retreat for Goddesses going down this July. We’re already 30% full. Invite you to check out what we have in store and commit to joining us to cash in on your calling.

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