Dealing with Tragedy: Processing Your Feelings From the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

How are you? As a mother and human being, it is hard to find words to express my sadness over the recent shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, CT. My heart breaks.

When this happened on Friday, I was a few towns away from the tragedy after having spent time with my coaches and fellow business owners for a wonderful day of strategizing, celebrating and sharing ideas in Stamford. And then, the terrible news came through as I was working in my hotel.

I could hardly believe it.

I felt the collective grief and disbelief of the entire state of Connecticut as I drove a few hours to get home to my kids and husband.

When I saw their sweet faces, I hugged my children so tight and cried inside hoping that they would never have to experience something so senseless and heartbreaking.

My heart aches for the babies who crossed over yesterday and the parents who will not be able to hold them (in body) anymore.

My heart aches for the teachers who died protecting their students all the way until the end.

My heart aches for the survivors who had to hear sounds, feel feelings and see things that they never should have had to experience.

My heart aches for the shooter who must have had so much angst and sadness inside to have been able to commit such a violent act. My heart aches for the shooter’s family.

My heart aches for Newtown, CT as they must heal from the unthinkable.

My heart aches.

May we all shower love, light and prayer on the departed souls and those who are among the living and will need our help to soldier on, process their pain and find some semblance of peace in their hearts.

My hope for you today is that you simply appreciate the time that you have here. In all honesty, we never really know when our time on earth will end … or when the time of our family members will come to an end. We just don’t.

Let’s be good to each other. Let’s practice compassion and forgiveness. And tap into our faith even when our faith gets rocked. Remember, we’re all in this together.

Please share your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below. Let’s heal together.

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