Why Being Uncomfortable is Awesome: 2 Assignments for You to Up Your Game

Welcome to the best year of your life: 2013. Why not, right? It’s all stretched out in front of you, just ripe for your signature stamp on it.


This week’s article is short and sweet as I wrap up the last few days of holiday with my family (2+ weeks of downtime was good for my soul!).

Let me cut to the chase …

To help you get your awesomeness on, I have two things I’d like you to spend some time with this week. They are both FREE and they are both right up your alley.

Here you go, my friend …

  1. Read this short article I was quoted in at sheknows.com about how to make 2013 your best year yet. A few experts share tips to help you kick some serious ass this year. I give you the goods on the power of trying new things.

You can check it out here.

  1. Listen to this fun, revealing radio interview I gave to my friend Serene Mastrianni at Radio2Women. It was my 3rd time as a guest on the show (a record at Radio2Women!) and you can tell how much Serene and I trust each other. I really open up to her and share some deep, personal stuff.

Theme of the interview? “Get Gutsy, Girls.”

You can download the interview here.

Oh – one more thing. Keep your eyes peeled. We are opening up the guest list for a free call I’m hosting later this month. You’re SO going to want to be there. Pow-wowing on a topic near and dear to so many women: living your dream right here, right now.

Email invitation will land in your inbox this week if you’re on the list. If you’re not, get on it, girl (sign-up box below!).

Thanks for being on the journey with me. This year is going to be MAGICAL.

Share: What are you most excited about in 2013?

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