Unclutter Your World, Girl

You won’t be able to do much if your workspace, life space, home or office is disorganized.

It’s time for a purge. Take some time to clean up your space so that it is soul nurturing.

Get a system down. File stuff away. Clean up your computer, clean up your physical space.

Add special items to your space that lift you up and inspire you.

Let the universe know that you are ready for something bigger. New clients, new projects, new relationships.

Release items from your past (you can even have a ritual around this). Just let things go if they are not serving you anymore.

Check in with yourself and see what you need.

Start treating yourself and your business and your gift like the most exquisite gift in the world.

And get ready for the yumminess to enter your life.

Ready to dive in? Good!

My video tip dives into this concept head-on.

Let me know how this works for you! Share your experience in the comments below.

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