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Whoa. I’m still processing a power-packed business meeting this week with my coaches and mastermind buddies.

So much good stuff came out of this, it’s hard to put into words. All I know is that I’m plugged into my mission more than I ever have been before.

One gift I received that I’d love to share with you is this new book my coach gave me. As I sat down to write you this email, I randomly turned to a page in “The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money + Miracles” by Marianne Williamson.

Here’s a giant quote that jumped out at me that has huge value:

“Putting love first means knowing that the universe supports you in creating the good, the holy, and the beautiful. It means knowing that you’re here on the earth for a purpose, and that the purpose itself will create opportunities for its accomplishment.”

Do you ever struggle with your purpose here on this earth?

I used to. It was the deepest pain I had ever experienced. I tried to numb my pain with alcohol and bad relationships and workaholism.

There were many days where I just thought, “what’s the point?”

I want better for you.

If you ever feel the type of pain I experienced, I want to take it away.

Are you open to some help?

I’ve developed my brand-NEW, free call series just for you.

It’s happening next week.

Can you join me?

“60 Days to Freedom: Living Your Dream Full-Out Even if You Don’t Know What You Want”

Reserve your spot here right now.

2013 is your year to break free. Let’s do this, together.


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P.S. You have a powerful gift that will heal the world. Let’s get it out there. Life is short. I want you to make use of every second you have.
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