Qualities of a Supportive Romantic Partner

Today I’m answering a question from a fabulous woman in my tribe named Wendy.

Wendy’s question: “The kind of support we receive at home has a direct impact on our business. You seem to have a husband who supports you in your mission. What kind of qualities would you say he has that allow you to be successful in business?”

Wendy, I love this question, and thanks for seeing that I have created a very healthy partnership with my husband. He does recognize that I have a calling and that I’m on a mission. I have a gift that I really want to share with the world. Honestly, I have no choice but to share it … my calling has become that intense inside of my soul.

So, I was very clear with him from the beginning that this is who I am. I’m very driven by my career and my path.

Even after we had children, I knew that my gift was not to solely be a stay-at-home mother. I give all the credit to the women for whom that is the path, but I knew that I had a different mission. And I was really clear with my husband about that.

I’m thankful that he understood that I was on this path, because not every guy that I dated did. It’s not for every man to have a women who is strong, who may make more money than him, or who is driven by her divine feminine energy.

As a couple, you need to ask yourself and each other if you have the same values in your relationship. You need to know that you can support each other’s dreams. This are really important.

Want some more insight into how I manifested a supportive life partner and how you can do the same? Even if you are already in relationship, this video tip will give you insight into how to strengthen your relationship with each other (I reveal something on the video that my husband and I did to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary that changed the course of our marriage forever).

Check out this video for more on this mission-critical topic.

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