Women Commit, But Not This Way…

Since you and I are on a shared path towards our highest success, I wanted to make sure you knew about something my own mentor Ali Brown shared with me today…

Ali says, “It’s 2013, and while women are starting businesses at a faster rate than ever before (at an even faster rate than men are)… WHY is it that *so many women still flounder* when trying to grow their ventures?

Really, these are *smart women* who know that entrepreneurship is not only their BEST path, but also likely their ONLY solution to finally making the “real money” they need while building the life they want.”

So where are they going wrong?

Ali’s answer is: They don’t *truly commit* to their own success.

They don’t fully commit to *themselves* like they fully commit to their families and those around them.

The reasons why are numerous, and most often subconscious. And they sabotage some women for their entire lives.

But Ali says: Today is your time.

She’d like to show you not just where your commitment pitfalls are, but how you can AVOID them completely.

Please join Ali for “The 5 Commitments: Proven Strategies for Women to Guarantee Your Financial Success This Year”.

This is a FREE call Ali is hosting with her Elevate colleague (and my Elevate Coach) Joy Chudacoff, and it takes place NEXT Thursday, February 28, 2013.

Get all the details and save your FREE spot here now.

On the call, you’ll learn from not one but *TWO “self-made” women* who have built their businesses from scratch at home, in their own ways and honoring their personal values. One is the mom of two pre-teens, and one is about to become a mom of two!

One entrepreneur chooses to keep her business simple and family-focused with a high net-profit, and one has grown a multiple 7-figure empire with a scalable model and full team supporting her grand mission.

The amazing thing about the time we live in right now is women have so many choices.

Let Ali and Joy help you. Don’t let an amazing future slip by. Take a deep breath, and receive this FREE guidance from them on this special one-time call.

See all the gems Ali and Joy are packing into this call here, and register right now.


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