Do Emotions Have a Place in Business?

032413 Ezine Video PicThis week I want to talk to you about getting emotional as a business woman.

I come from a corporate background where emotions were not part of my daily to-do list. Instead, it was getting through the stuff that would pile up day-in and day-out, and almost becoming a machine at times. There were certainly those days where I needed some kind of release – either because something happened with a client or a team member, or just personally. But I was there at work and I had to separate my emotional life from my work life … despite being at work most of my waking hours.

I tried to get creative about managing my emotions, and letting them out, but instead of feeling them, most of the time I would push them down.

Have you ever done that? Have you ever pushed down your emotions and just told them that you didn’t have the time and this wasn’t the place to fully express yourself?

Well, I certainly have and this is not a sustainable place to be.

I hereby give you permission to get emotional. Listen to my suggestions and insights about where this release will take you in the video below.

Share your experiences, good and bad, about getting emotional and how feeling your feelings has impacted your journey in the comments section below.

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