put on your big girl panties

I’m writing this from the Valley of the Sun: Scottsdale, Arizona! I’m here for a conference called InfusionCon. More than 2,000 of the top small business owners and marketers in the world have gathered to share tips, tricks and ninja strategies of how to wow customers and build a sustainable, massively profitable enterprise.

Here’s my view from the plane as we were flying HIGH over the mountains of this gorgeous state.

pic from plane

Speaking of flying HIGH, I always GROW a TON from these experiences and come out on the other side, changed for the better.

That’s why I get my butt on planes, trains and automobiles to attend 8 – 12 business conferences and masterminds PER YEAR.

Distance is not an excuse.

Cost is not a deterrent (I know I can create the cash flow in my biz anytime to invest in my growth).

Even the fact that I often travel solo doesn’t faze me.

It’s all part of the adventure of cashing in on my calling … so I can help you cash in on yours too, big-time.

This is my mission.

My private clients know that I always bring back the GEMS to share with them so they can go BIG in their business, just like I’m doing (I’m all about spreading the wealth around).

When I feel a new level of growth coming on, I realize I need to put on my big girl panties and show UP, ready to say YES to the opportunities that are ALL around me (and all around you).

That’s my message for you today: put on your big girl panties and give it your best shot.

No more playing small.

If you REALLY are serious about creating more meaning, money and momentum in your business this year, than you have to DECIDE that you’re not going to waste anymore time dabbling.

That’s what I did last year when I took massive action to quadruple my revenues and lead my business over the 6-figure mark. My whole mindset changed. I totally feel unstoppable.

I want to help you too.

I’m going to be taking this world-class content I learn this week from the best-of-the-best at InfusionCon (Daymond John from that cool show Shark Tank is a keynote!) and combine it with my 5+ years as a successful entrepreneur and coach in my new Cash in in Your Calling Coaching Program.


I’ve custom-created it for the woman who is ready to learn a simple, step-by-step system to building a thriving business online to connect with the masses and live life on YOUR terms.

You can reap the rewards from my journey around the world and back again.

Grab your spot here NOW before the course begins on April 8.

You’re too smart to let an opportunity like this slip through your fingers.


Fiercely dedicated to your success …



P.S. The energy of the women in the group so far is AMAZING. Check this out and join us!

FB comment

P.P.S. In case you’re wondering, this group is going to be intimate in size and vibe. You won’t get lost in the shuffle of hundreds or thousands of participants. No way. I’ll know about your business and what you want and will coach you on how to get your big message and mission out in the world.




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