Why Your System Will Save Your Life

Tomorrow, I’m leaving Arizona (InfusionCon has been GREAT) to head out to Los Angeles to spend the day with my Book Coach Rachel Resnick to map out the foundation and intention of my book, which I’m writing for YOU.

My coach keeps asking me what I’ve been dreaming about (this is apparently very good insight for what needs to come out in my book).

You wanna know?

I have been dreaming of systems and automation.

Sound boring?

I used to think so, too. So confining and masculine, right?

It’s not!

Life is one GIANT system and once you realize that everything changes for the better.

Much of what I want to talk about in my book is how to find YOUR system and WORK it all the way to the bank (the happiness bank and the money bank).

I’ve developed a system for unleashing the dream in your head and heart – the “Live Your Dream Challenge.” This program has changed countless lives. It blows me away every time.

And I’ve just developed by brand-new “Cash in on Your Calling” system for creating more meaning, money and momentum in your business. I’m super excited about this one (I start teaching the content and helping my new crop of clients on April 8!).

Your system will save your life.

Get a plan, get a program and COMMIT to it. Trust it and grow within that system. It truly is the key.

When I was sad and confused and doing shitty things to myself (body and mind and spirit), I had NO system.

I was waffling around in the dark. I lacked leadership in my life. It was the blind leading the blind.

It was painful.

Too many women are in that situation too. It’s sad. They are wasting their life and talents.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

This is what is driving me right now. A huge lightbulb has gone on.

My message: work your system!

And if you want to be part of a crew of women who are serious about taking their business to the next level through the magic of online marketing, check out the Cash in on Your Calling Coaching Program. Enrollment closes on Friday, April 5. We would LOVE to welcome you in and guide you to spread your message with the masses and change the world!

I believe in you.

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