Creating a Portable Business: Working Where You Want, When You Want

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I’m coming to you from my hotel lobby in NYC where my husband has some business. He threw it out to me that I should join him for a few days with the kiddos in our old stomping grounds (I lived here for 11 years!).

He’s working one day. I’m working the other, and then we’re tag-teaming who has the kids so the other can focus on work. Then we’ve got a great adventure planned in our former city.

This has reminded me how important it is to me to have a fabulous business – THAT IS ALSO PORTABLE! If you want to have the same portable kind of business, then watch my video and see how I’m making it happen. I’m sharing my favorite tips and tricks!

Do you already have a portable business, or have you had struggles going on the road because of the way you are set-up? Share your thoughts below.

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