Can You Come Out and Play? Overcoming Your Fear of Rejection

Guest post by Julie Berry, a Feminine Fire Mastermind client in the Gutsy Goddess Society

“Can you come out and play?”

JF-page-image-08Do you remember ASKING that as a child?

Did you ever think to yourself “what if they don’t want to play with me”? Did that thought ever STOP you from asking?

It did me!

That was a recurring thought in my mind during my elementary school days. That was back when it was safe to go outside and play all day and not come inside until the street lights came on!

I was scared to death to knock on doors and ask my friends to play with me because I so badly wanted to be accepted. The universe was talking to me at an early age and I didn’t recognize it until NOW!

I’ve come a long way clearing out my “head trash.” I spent the last 30+ years working in sales and marketing selling subjective, service-based solutions to the consumer and corporate world.   I’ve sold education and fine art to the consumer market, and photography, design, print, and digital media to publishers and fortune 500 companies.

I have been WAY out of my comfort zone with every new role and turned each experience into success. Through it all, I’ve embraced change and have challenged my fears to propel me not paralyze me.  I almost walked away from this gift.

In July 2012, I attended Jenny Fenig’s Retreat for Goddesses and it changed my life. I was lost in my routine and looking to find my Voice and Passion.

Career Makeover - Retreat for Goddesses

Jenny’s message of being bored with her corporate job and feeling unfulfilled resonated with me and I knew I had to meet her and find her “secret sauce.”  Her gutsy attitude, powerful message, and success in escaping corporate inspired me BEFORE I met her and is even more inspirational and motivating now that we’ve been working together.

She helped me to see that I’ve been looking on the outside for answers instead of inside. I finally “woke up” to my reality. I am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives.  I can do this by sharing my knowledge and experience that will CLOSE sales, GROW revenue and INCREASE the love that they have for themselves.

The universe spoke to me back when I was 8 years old and challenged me to overcome my Fear of Rejection.  I’ve DONE IT!  I’m supposed to teach others what I’ve been learning my entire life: how to use personal communication tools to overcome rejection and propel you to success.

In this day of social media and Internet marketing we can be “personally” disconnected from our prospects and clients. The power of the Internet must be part of our sales and marketing plan to get our voice out there, but we MUST have crucial conversations if we want to land new business or build and retain business with existing clients AND become more of who you are meant to be. You will be hearing more from me about how you can gain the confidence to talk to anyone, and persuade even the most reluctant to “play with you.”

Much love to you, Jenny.  Thank you or sharing your gift so I could realize mine.

Julie1Julie Berry lives in St. Joseph, Michigan. She has been in business development in the corporate world for over 25 years. She is making a 6-figure income, but no longer fulfilled. She started on a journey to find her passion and move her life in a new direction this past summer when she attended Jenny Fenig’s Retreat for Goddesses in July 2012, which was a life-changing experience.

Julie has been working hard ever since to find her voice and embrace her calling and recently signed up to be a part of a positive psychology training course led by Tal-Ben Shahar. She has discovered the power of speaking your truth – internally and externally – to set yourself free and wants to encourage others to speak up and tell their stories.

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