How to Know What Your Clients Want: Ask Them!

When creating new offerings for your clients and prospects, the most powerful way to know what they want and what they’ll buy is to do something really simple: ASK THEM.


I see too many business owners GUESSING what their tribe wants and then falling short and getting disappointed when the sales don’t come flying in.

There is no need to guess. Asking your people what they want is the smartest way to go. You can have phone or in-person conversations with clients and customers AND can use a fantastic survey service (I use to create and send surveys to your list. Research can be fun and totally enlightening.

Great questions to ask your tribe:

  • When it comes to being a __________ (your topic), what are your biggest challenges?
  • If you could have the perfect solution to your challenges, what would that look like?
  • What have you tried thus far that hasn’t worked?
  • If you could put a dollar amount (value) on what this problem is costing you (per month), what would that be? (Essentially, how much money are you leaving on the table by not addressing this issue?)
  • On a scale of 1-10, how critical is it for you to get this solved? (10 being “so, so critical”, and 1 being “not critical at all.)
  • How did you first hear about _____ (your name/business)?
  • If you forgot my name but wanted to find me on Google, what would you type in?
  • What do you do for a living? (brief description of your business)
  • Have you set aside resources to invest back into your business to trigger revenue growth?
  • Have you ever invested in a coach, program, or consultant to help you grow your business? If “YES,” what was your experience like? If “NO,” just state no.

We go deep on this topic in the Cash in on Your Calling Coaching Program and I give my clients an assignment to create and send their survey to their people. It’s cool because they are getting some GREAT feedback … and the feedback comes back within days, sometimes hours of them sending their survey out.

You’d be surprised how eager your clients and prospects are to be HEARD. So many people are in PAIN about the challenges they are facing and YOU have the solution. It’s your divine duty to step up and deliver.

Know this: right now your clients are LOOKING to grant YOU a monopoly. It’s simply easier for them to go this route.

Your job is to give them VALUE and create a bigger FUTURE for your clients, customers and prospects.

If you haven’t surveyed your people in a while, START this week. The results will guide you to create exactly what they want … and in turn, you’ll get what you want: happy customers, more money, and more time to live your life and not worry that your business isn’t succeeding.

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