Finding My Strength As A Woman In Business

Guest Post by Anne Seelenbrandt, Co-Founder + Web Designer,

anne seelenbrandt

Before Jenny Fenig’s Live Your Dream Challenge, I was a woman who owned (along with 2 males) a business, and I was struggling to find my voice.  Even though I knew my capabilities, knew the steps to take to grow our business and felt confident in all that, I was still struggling with communicating it to my 2 male counterparts. For some reason, I was letting my “womanhood” hold me back and I was making excuses for it. So when I signed up for the Live Your Dream Challenge, I wasn’t really sure what the outcome would be, but one thing I did know, was that I needed to be in a space with other women who I could connect with and relate to.

As the weeks unfolded, some of the assignments really forced me to look inside myself; creating a vision board to visualize my focus, deciding what my values are and most impactful, finding my “why” in life. Through this very raw exercise, I found my “why” – which actually started way back when I was a kid. This realization really allowed me to change my focus, because I now actually knew what my focus was! It was an exciting find and has been extremely interesting to see how my life and my business has unfolded since.

So, what changed for me through the Live Your Dream Challenge? I did. I finally owned up to my purpose in life, took action, and most importantly, stopped making excuses; for myself, but also for others. I realized that through feeling bad or uncomfortable about speaking my voice, I was holding myself and my company back. We have recently made some significant changes within our business structure and we are now on, what I believe to be, a fast track to success!

The great thing about the Live Your Dream Challenge is that it forced me to make decisions. There was no room for my inner demons to get in the way because the support that I had from the other women (the other women going through exactly what I was going through) was amazing! The support too, was optional. We didn’t need to support each other, but we wanted to. There was that inherent want to comment, support or simply “like” what the other women were posting. It was soft, free of judgement and real. And it was all done on our own time, but with the use of the Facebook group, we all stayed engaged as we updated.

I enjoyed the Live Your Dream Challenge and appreciate the connections that I made through it. This experience truly and FINALLY has allowed me to accept my strength and power as a woman.



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