What to Expect When You Sign Up for a Retreat

Guest post by Christine Boutross, Master Trainer and Holistic Health Coach, www.christineboutross.com

Christine Boutross

Last spring, I discovered the Retreat for Goddesses on Facebook.  I had been looking to do something different. I signed up for a complimentary retreat consultation with Jenny. After speaking with Jenny, I found her enthusiasm and energy calling me to sign up.

I was so excited to attend this retreat but I also had some fears. The evening before the retreat, total panic set in. After calming myself down, I realized that there was a reason why I signed up. I set my intention for the retreat and off I drove to a beautiful mountain retreat.

I so needed to be there. I was working 7 days a week at the gym, coaching students from Integrative Nutrition who were studying to be health coaches. I was stressed, not taking care of myself, and had no focus about where I wanted to be in my life. To top it all off, my energy was low.

The event was more than I could ever imagine it to be. I met some very successful and amazing like-minded women who were all on the same path.


For me, the retreat was a respite from my very hectic life as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach. I immediately connected with some wonderful individuals.

I was in awe of Jenny and all that she gave us throughout the event. Each session was so carefully planned including some much needed free time. Jenny created an experience for me where I felt connected to spirit. I was able to be myself and open my heart to others. My soul and mind were filled with some beautiful takeaways and I was able to bring those experiences back with me.


Through many different exercises, I got clarity about my Personal Training and Health Coaching business. I felt connected with others. I gained confidence in myself, and my energy was boundless. I felt renewed and ready to take on the world.

In the past year since the retreat, my main focus has been Personal Training. I have been the top trainer at my club and one of the top 100 trainers in the company. Now that my Personal Training is solid, my focus will be creating programs for my health coaching business. I work with busy professionals who want to end their “Yo Yo” dieting, eliminate sugar cravings, have more energy and fun in their lives.

Are you ready to have a transformational experience? Are you ready to create some space in your life to learn about yourself? Are you ready to soak in the energy and be with some amazing like-minded women? The Retreat for Goddesses is tailor made just for you!


NOTE FROM JENNY: Want some of what Christine’s having? Join us at the 3rd annual Retreat for Goddesses, July 24 – 26, in the Catskills of New York. Carve out the transformative space you need to cash in on your calling.

The best deal we have right now is to sign up for my program the Live Your Dream Challenge (VIP Access level) and you’ll score a VIP ticket to the Retreat (which also includes the Unplugged Coaching Adventure upgrade at no additional cost to you). You are NOT going to want to miss this life-changing experience.

Grab your spot here: http://www.theliveyourdreamchallenge.com

(More details on the Retreat here – http://www.retreatforgoddesses.com)


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