Numbers + Heart = Balance: What to Do When Working a Corporate Job Just Isn’t an Option Anymore

Guest post by Wendy Sabin, Founder + CPA,

Wendy Sabin CPADespite my best efforts, my long hours at my corporate finance job left me increasingly unfulfilled.  Balancing work and family left me irritated and impatient. I deserved better.  So did my husband and 2 year old.

In December last year, I quit and started a bookkeeping business, hoping to leverage my prior accounting experience to help others grow their business.  I started from ground zero: no clients, no contacts, no income.  But I knew I could make it work.  Somehow.

I knew I had to change. I needed a realignment, had to break out of the corporate shell. I had no idea how.  But I knew the transformation would be worth it.

Enter Jenny and the Live Your Dream Challenge. How I wish I had met her earlier!  In my corporate misery, I’d looked for a retreat, an exercise, anything, that could help me answer “what do I want out of life?” Jenny’s openness about her leap from corporate to entrepreneurship was a breath of fresh air. She would help me figure it out.

Our first assignment was a vision board, something my accountant’s brain had never attempted. I was empowered to think of myself as the whole enchilada, rather than my roles: wife, mother, employee, daughter.  What did I want my life to be like?  Note to self, there’s more to Wendy than numbers!

Through our choices, we all write our own scripts. Numbers and other people’s priorities had taken over my career and my life;  I couldn’t see much else.  With Jenny’s guidance, my script revealed that travel had impacted most decisions in my life.  I happened to write my script while on vacation in New Zealand. The fire was lit! To keep traveling with my family on my schedule, my business had to work!

challengeClarity for my work and life has been the biggest gift of working with Jenny.  My work now incorporates my newly identified values of authenticity, balance, creativity, influence, and of course adventure.  My mission is to use numbers to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and maintain flexibility, so that returning to corporate isn’t an option.  I’m now working with women all over the country doing just that. Oh yes, my family time is sweeter too. Much sweeter.

Bookkeeping is simply a tool for recording business transactions. Numbers with heart gives my clients the key to growing their businesses for all the right reasons – doing what they love, making a good income, having enough quality family time.  Turns out this formula works for me too!

It’s not every day a numbers gal opens up like this. As a matter of fact I’m both energized and terrified about it.  But in order to live my dream, I need to take action, take a chance, and go public.  My hat is off to Jenny, her story, and her actions, as she inspires me, and others, to live the dream too.

Solopreneurs from across the country rely on Wendy Sabin, CPA, to keep their books up to date so they can stay laser-focused on their core business and have more fun with family and friends.  By utilizing her QuickBooks setups and tune-ups, as well as training, monthly bookkeeping, year-end planning and budgeting, Wendy’s clients are empowered to make savvy moves to grow their business.  Wendy uses her accounting, budgeting, and training expertise to help entrepreneurs get good numbers and get on with their life.



As a former (unfulfilled) corporate gal, I can SO relate to Wendy’s story. Wow.

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LYDC bundleWhat I know is this: this program WILL change your life and the course of your business path forever. Stop struggling. Stop trying to muscle your way through by yourself. Stop wasting your life and talents away!

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