Win a Scholarship to the Live Your Dream Challenge

Starting next Tuesday, June 4 (my 8th wedding anniversary!), I have the amazing privilege to lead a group of gutsy, empowered, motivated women to discover, embrace and live their dreams in the Live Your Dream Challenge.


I’m psyched!

If you’ve been reading the amazing stories from our guest contributors here on my blog and have been as inspired as I much as I have, you know that this Challenge is exactly what you need to get out there and birth your purpose-driven life and business.

  • For many gals, stepping forward into the Live Your Dream Challenge is a no-brainer.
  • For others, it scares the crap out of them (but they do it anyway).
  • For some, it’s just not a fit (and that’s okay!).
  • And for some, the financial investment is just out of reach.

If you fall into one of those first two camps, be sure to claim your spot here before we start the program on June 4.

But if you fall into the last camp (money is TIGHT – ouch!), then I want to do something to make this possible for you. Nothing makes me more bummed out than knowing that money is the one thing holding you back from moving forward.

Introducing … an opportunity to Win a Full Scholarship (valued at $697) to the Live Your Dream Challenge and join in this 60-day adventure with a crew of kick-ass gals who BELIEVE in you.

Applying for the scholarship is really SIMPLE (I love simplicity).

Want to know the details?

Good, but before I share, just know the deadline to apply is THIS Sunday, June 2 at midnight EST.


The scholarship(s) will go to someone who will fully engage in all 8 weeks of this virtual program, take action on the assignments, and who is willing to share her results and story to inspire others (pay it forward). If you SO want this and are ready to do the work, but the financial investment is just out of reach, then you should apply.


Because I know that deep down in your gut there is a dream ready to be nurtured and I don’t want your current money situation (this can and will change for you!) to be the reason you are not fully embracing it. I LOVE inspired giving … it’s why I’ve given college scholarships to high school seniors in my late sister’s name for the past 4 years. It fills my heart.


There are two steps. Follow them and you’ll be in the running.


You don’t need to write a long essay or film a video to enter the contest. Let’s embrace simplicity!

All you need to do is write 2 – 3 paragraphs about how this scholarship will help you birth and build your purpose-driven business and life and how you plan to PAY IT FORWARD if you win. I want to know why you will be a great addition to the Live Your Dream Challenge and what your big dream is (and if you’re not sure what your dream is, that’s okay too … just be honest).

You will want to read the Challenge overview here so you know what you’ll be receiving if you’re chosen for the scholarship.

Our kick-ass judges will select a winner (or winners if we choose more than 1) based on our own gut instincts about who is really ready for this from an energetic perspective.

Apply by COMMENTING below this post with your entry. Share your voice now!


After you’ve applied here on the blog, share the following post on my Facebook page (you’ll need to LIKE my page if you haven’t already):


I just applied for a scholarship for @Jenny Fenig’s Live Your Dream Challenge. I SO hope I win. Want to know what I’ll get if I’m picked for this transformational opportunity to build my purpose-driven biz and life? Go here:


Just copy and paste the post above onto my Facebook page here.


But hurry, the deadline to apply is THIS Sunday, June 2 at midnight EST.

go for it

Step forward if you’re ready to create the best summer of your life.

I believe in you.


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P.S. There are 2 types of people in the world. Those who talk about what they are going to do … and those who actually take action. Which camp do you fall into? 🙂

P.P.S. Know someone who could really benefit from this? Forward this along to them! Good karma points, baby.

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