Turning off the Autopilot: How to Not Regret Your Life

Guest post by Stacy Karol, Professional Life Coach, www.soulsproutcoaching.com

Stacy Karol PhotoMy biggest fear has always been that I will wake one day as a much older me and regret the life I’ve lived.

That fear has driven countless decisions.  I moved to NYC. I ran marathons and triathlons.  I traveled far from home.  I learned how to ski and scuba dive. The problem was, while I was busy living a life I’d surely not regret, my career was on autopilot. I’d achieved a respectable position at a top-notch advertising agency – but it just wasn’t doing it for me.

Epiphany struck one Monday night last October. I was in New York on business and, following a full day of meetings, was out for a long run along the Hudson River. The day had deflated me. I’d been faking it at work – pretending to be engaged and enthusiastic but not feeling it at all.  I again asked what had become a familiar question: why was I not naturally enthusiastic about my great-on-paper job?

This time the answer was different – bigger.  I slowed to a walk and began to cry openly; passers-by probably thought I’d just been dumped by a boyfriend, but no, it was so much bigger than that.  The words echoed in my head:

“Oh my god, I am doing the wrong thing with my life.”

Back home in San Francisco I promptly enlisted a professional life coach, one of the best investments I’ve ever made.  I also joined Jenny’s Live Your Dream Challenge, an experience that blew me away.

Jenny’s weekly lessons took me on an unforgettable journey, from visualizing my ‘ideal future’ to ultimately making it happen.  The biggest week for me was when Jenny guided us through defining our values.  This was where it all ‘clicked.’  It was no wonder I was feeling unfulfilled by my career: it wasn’t honoring any of my values!

But so what would honor my values? Some soul searching showed me I had a desire to positively impact people, so I tried on many different careers – anything that would give me access to people: Social Worker?  Teacher? School Counselor? Family Therapist?  Finally the bells went off…

Life Coach.

The day I resigned from my corporate job was at once terrifying and exhilarating.  Serendipitously, it was also the day of our final ‘LYD Challenge’ conference call, so I received a live pep-talk from Jenny.  Having Jenny, and all of the other LYD ladies behind me was an incredible boost.

Today I dedicate my career (and life) to serving women who, just like me, have come to that question: is this really it for me?  I thrive on telling them it doesn’t have to be.  I’m passionate about life and learning to live it to the fullest.  Coaching brings all of this together in one juicy little package.  I no longer have to fake my enthusiasm.  I can be authentic in this space.



As a woman who had a wake-up call when I realized I was living an unfulfilled existence in a job I had outgrown, Stacy’s story really brings me back to that place in time. It is a scary place to be … but you don’t have to stay stuck there. Staying stuck is lame.

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