Walking Through the Fire to Freedom: Why the Retreat for Goddesses Changed My Life

Guest post by Regina D’Alesio, Storytelling + Transformation Coach, www.reginadalesio.com


On a bright, sunny July day in 2012, I hopped in my car and set out for Jenny Fenig’s Retreat for Goddesses in the Catskills of New York. As I got on the highway, I was anxious to get there, so I could finally relax. No cell phones, no email, no distractions. This was my time to unwind.

Coming into the Retreat, I was feeling overworked and stressed out. I was working as a corporate event planner, which at times was a 24/7 job. After working in the industry for over six years, the work no longer fulfilled me. I wanted to make a change, but was unclear about my next step – should I change careers and stay in corporate or should I branch out and start my own business?

As the event kicked off on the first night, Jenny led us through a series of exercises.  My head immediately filled with so many questions: What is my purpose? What does my dream job look like? What do I want my legacy to be?

That evening, I talked with two of my fellow goddesses who were wrestling with similar questions. Not one of us had “the answer,” but we were all supporting one another through the journey.

women walking

The design of the retreat provided a space to get quiet and give myself permission to think about where I wanted to go. In the bucolic space of nature, I had a clear view of the way I was living my life – constantly checking email, never taking vacations, too tired to spend time with my family and friends. This was not a life I wanted to be leading any more.

But how could I make the change?

chicks in a row

On the morning of our 3rd day, I listened as Julie (one of the women I chatted with on our 1st night) talked about growing tired of working in her industry, wanting change, but unsure of how to make the leap. Her story resonated so deeply with me. I felt as if she was telling my story. Her courage to change her life inspired me to make a change in my own – a BOLD change. In that moment, I decided I would leave corporate America to launch my own business.

That evening, I took the first step towards creating my dream by walking on fire (yes, Jenny arranged for a firewalking guide to lead us over fire!).

hot coals

Coming into the retreat, I thought firewalking would be a test of my courage. But as I walked across the coals, I realized this was a CELEBRATION of my courage.

That’s what the retreat did for me. It reminded me of my power, my strength, and my ability to create the life of my dreams. 

I left the retreat a very different person than when I arrived. As I drove out to the highway following the Retreat, I was free. Free from stress, worry and indecision that had plagued me for so long.


Now I am a storytelling and transformation coach helping my clients become rock star speakers. I love the work that I do, the clients that I serve and most importantly, that I am living the life of my dreams.

Regina D’Alesio is a storytelling and transformation coach. She helps her clients craft compelling presentations, attract more clients and grow their businesses. Learn more about Regina at www.reginadalesio.com


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