Burned Out? Develop Rock-Solid, Sacred Business Habits

One of the biggest issues I hear my clients share with me on their road to sharing their big gift with the world and building their business is this: BURNOUT!

Panic point

Yup, burnout is a bitch and she rears her head when you forget how to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

Now, you might not of ever been really good at taking care of yourself if you didn’t learn this from your mom or friends or influential people in your life in your developmental years.

I used to be really terrible at taking care of myself. I had many addictions: alcohol, drugs, work, the need to be liked, you name it. It was a slippery slope.

Luckily, I discovered yoga and learned how to take care of mySELF. I learned how to mother myself. I learned how to treat myself like a Goddess (that’s why I conceived of the Retreat for Goddesses – to teach other women how to treat themselves like divine royalty!).


Now, when I first started my business, I still had some crappy habits left over from corporate land. I had some conditioning that I needed to get rid of (work myself to the bone, eat at my desk whenever I can find the time, have no boundaries).

It’s STILL a work in progress, but my Sacred Business Habits are a HUGE piece of my 6-figure business puzzle.

Would you like to see my Sacred Business Habits so you can create your list?

Cool, here you go.

Jenny’s Sacred Business Habits

1. Set my 3 most important intentions/goals in the morning.

2. Check email twice/day during the week and process emails then. If I’m in creation mode/deadline mode, set-up autoresponder that leads people to contact my assistant so I can be free to create.

3. Remember priorities = clients + Money Generating Activities (MGAs)

4. Systematize EVERYTHING possible. Build a business, not a job.

5. Create a sacred space to work. Keep it uncluttered.

6. Get outside for at least 5 minutes + marvel at the beauty of nature.

7. Eat and drink healthy goodness that allows me to feel radiant.

8. Take movement and meditation breaks twice/day.

9. Open up to the flow of abundance and grace.

10. Switch off at least 30 minutes before bed. Be proud.


Now, take 5 minutes (seriously, that’s all you’ll need) and create your own. Then take that piece of paper with your Sacred Business Habits and hang it up in your workspace so you’ll see them EVERYDAY.

Tip: Make your habits fun and doable (don’t make them impossible to maintain).

Enjoy and LIVE your habits every day. Your business will grow, you’ll stay sane AND you’ll create a ripple effect in the world.

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