Align Your Body, Mind, Spirit + Business for More Ease + Less Stress

As I was putting the finishing touches on the magic that is the Retreat for Goddesses, I got an idea: what if I gave away (for FREE) one of my most powerful programs so thousands of women can experience a transformation right along with the crew of gals attending the Retreat?

No excuses. No catch. Just total goodness and growth coming your way.

You game?

If you answer YES to the following questions, you’ll know this program (which I’m offering for FREE for a limited time) is for you.

Do you …

  • Have a big dream, but aren’t sure how to share it?
  • Allow certain areas of your life and business to suffer because you simply don’t have enough of you to go around?
  • Obsess about things that are out of your control?
  • Take your business TOO seriously, taking the fun out of it?
  • Suffer from “monkey mind” chatter that holds you back, exhausts you, and sabotages your plans?
  • Feel like you’re wasting time and energy on stuff that doesn’t really matter?
  • Want to grow your business, but are STUCK because of your deep-seated feelings of fear, doubt and confusion?
  • Feel like your body isn’t serving you in the way you know it can?
  • Find it close to impossible to speak up for what you really want?
  • Experience more stress, anxiety and exhaustion than is healthy?
  • Have a feeling deep down in your belly that there is MORE to life (there has to be, right?!) … you’re just not sure where to find it?

Nodding you head YES right now?

I hear ya …

I’ve been through ALL this stuff and MORE, but I made a choice to move through the gunk that was holding me hostage so I can live healthy, wealthy and wise.

I chose to change everything about my life (what I did for work, where I lived, what I put into my body, how I spent my time, who I spent it with, you name it) to build a solid foundation so that I can share my gifts with the world and get handsomely rewarded … and I want to help you do the same.

Ready? Releasing yourself from staying STUCK and not fully EXPRESSED is all about SPINNING YOUR WHEELS. Don’t misunderstand me, okay? I’m not saying to spin your wheels in a waste-your-time kind of way, but rather in a conscious, aligned, kick-ass way.

How are you gonna do this? Through an ancient, powerful system of energy running through your body right now called the chakras.


And after years of studying the 7 chakras and integrating them into my daily existence, I’m psyched to have created the “Journey Up the Chakras: A Gutsy, Guided Pathway to Transform Your Body, Mind and Spirit” home-study program. Aligning your chakras is the key to getting yourself unstuck and to accelerating your journey to clarity, confidence and cash.  Are you ready to claim your value in the world?


Grab your FREE spot in this 7-week program and change the way you experience the world.

Journey Up the Chakras retails for $197, but we’re offering it FREE to you when you claim your spot by July 31.

Click here to claim your FREE spot today.

See you on the journey …


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P.S. Go ahead and spread the love around to your friends and colleagues who can benefit from this. Just forward this email along so they can sign up while I’m still giving this away!

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