What the Heck is a Mastermind + Why Does it SO Matter in Your Biz?

Mastermind video

This week, I recorded a video tip for you from my hotel room in Los Angeles, CA. I came to LA for a big mastermind meeting with my biz buddies and mentors. I flew across the country for a 1-day meeting! Said goodbye to my husband and kids for a few days and made the trek to the City of Angels to put myself out there and GROW.

Why did I do it?

Because I knew it would change the course of my biz forever. If you’ve ever wished you had the support of people who totally GET what you’re doing, a mastermind is just what you need, girl.

Watch this video NOW to hear how masterminds can shift everything for you AND get the scoop on my new mastermind experience custom-made for YOU.

Then, in the comments below tell me YOUR experience with masterminds. I want to know!


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