Limo Ride in the Desert: Do you Deflect or Attract Abundance?

Greetings from the desert, Arizona!

I flew here yesterday to attend a Dress for Success fundraising gala this evening with my mentor Ali Brown.

Here’s a shot of me kicking up my heels after my cross-country trip in a sweet limo. I haven’t been in a limo in a LONG time. But the limo dude at the airport offered me a nice deal to ride in style. It was harder to say NO than to say YES.


It’s funny, I almost deflected this little slice of abundance.

I also almost said NO to the opportunity to even come here. It was just too INCONVENIENT to get my butt on a plane to spend a beautiful evening with my mentor who has taught me SO much of what I know and support a great cause, too. WTF?

Luckily, I spotted the golden opportunity before it slipped away. And now I’m here and poised for an unforgettable experience.

Life is full of opportunities to grow. Some are convenient, most are not. All bring you closer to fulfilling your life’s purpose and living a luxurious life.

Do you ever do that? Deflect the abundance and luxury that is all around you?

My default response when the airport transportation worker asked if I’d rather take a taxi or a limo to my hotel was TAXI of course.

I mean, who takes a limo for ONE PERSON to their hotel? (I could hear my well-meaning yet very frugal parents whispering in my ear as the choice was presented to me.)

But when the limo driver made an offer that was only $5 more than the taxi cab, what do you think I did?

I handed him my luggage and JUMPED into the limo. I had a blast in there. I was taking selfies left and right. (Here’s an example. The lighting’s not great, but you get the drift.)

Limo Selfie

I felt like a little girl again! There was such great energy coursing through my veins. I had a nonstop smile on my face.

Living a luxurious life (and this can cost a lot LESS than you think) is the BEST.

You can do it, too.

There is NO reason to be “just getting by” or “barely breaking even” in your business.

I’ve heard way too many stories of women who are in really crappy financial situations and it literally breaks my heart.

Your profitable business is the WAY OUT.

Your business is the VEHICLE that will allow you to TOUCH the lives you’re here to touch and to help HEAL the planet while you’re at it.

It’s a win/win/win/win/win (I could go on!).

If you’re not growing your business in a way that allows you to live COMFORTABLY in the world, I invite you to join me on a FREE training call coming up in just a few days – on Wednesday, November 13.

“Make Money Love You: Stand in Your Power as CEO of Your Business, Life + Bank Account”

Don’t yet have a business, but want one? I want to HELP. This call is also for you if you haven’t yet started a business, but are SO ready to break out of your current reality and set sail on a path to abundance through your mission-driven biz.


Stop deflecting abundance and luxury and LET IT IN.

The more you do, the more will come.

Let’s do this, together.

Click here to reserve your spot now.

Much love,

Signature (Jenny)

P.S. This is the LAST LIVE free training series I’m offering in 2013. Get in now before you forget.

P.P.S. “The lack of money is the root of all evil.” – Mark Twain



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