Her Story Made Me Cry: How One Lost Woman Discovered Her Passion + Purpose

As we head into Christmas this week, I’m basking in the miracles that I see and hear all around me. That is the magic of this season.

It’s not about finding the “perfect gift” and running around like a crazy chick trying to fit everything in to keep everyone happy (except yourself) … it’s about the miracle of life and listening to your spirit.

Your spirit is talking to you all the time … but most people are moving too fast to hear the messages.

Can you relate?

I have a story for you today from a woman named Dawn who found her way in life after feeling really, really lost.

Her story made me cry because I can SO relate to those feelings of living a purpose-less life on autopilot … until I made a conscious, yet scary, decision to CHANGE.

May this fill your heart and remind you of what is possible when you commit to walking a new path when you courageously admit that your current path isn’t taking you to where you want to be.

I Need Snow Pants: How One Lost Woman Learned to Let Go + Discovered Her Passion + Purpose

By Dawn Lau, Artistic Director, Dawn Lau Dance Company/Kinetic Kidz, www.dawnlaudancecompany.webs.com

Dawn Lau2

Last night in Jersey it snowed.

My littles, affectionately known as the yayas, were excited and couldn’t wait to experience 2013’s first snowfall! “Oh Man, I need snow pants!!” I exclaimed. Fast forward to the morning rush to school and a grandmother greets me in the school yard and says “Here, I thought maybe the girls could use these”… what was in the bag, SNOW PANTS!!!!!

Before the Live Your Dream Challenge I would have not been mindful of this experience. I was moving at 180 miles per hour and didn’t know which way was up.

I had just finished a very successful sold-out one-woman show in New York City that I starred in and wrote, entitled “The Hole in my Bucket List.” I was on a high but felt lost. Little did I know at that time that I had manifested that show as well.


I heard Jenny on a FREE call and immediately was drawn to her positive outlook and her hutzpah. I signed up for the Live Your Dream Challenge not knowing if I had the funding to actually live my dreams, but like the snow pants, it all worked out!

You see I had been living my dreams all along but got detoured along the way. The seed for a professional dance company was planted in 1987. It wasn’t until I toured the world with several musicals that it was manifested in 2002.  When I desperately wanted children I manifested my angel babies in 2005 and 2007. Yet, I still felt lost. What was my purpose?

During the Live Your Dream Challenge I got reacquainted with my passion, which working with Jenny I realized IS my purpose.  Just being with like-minded women on a mission pulled me out of my negative daze and I became more positive, less cynical! I learned that sometimes we need to let go of some things in our lives to make room for growth.

The Live Your Dream Challenge pulled me out of my slump to go after what I wanted. It made me realize that sometimes our dreams take on different forms and sometimes we must be patient for change to happen.

My company, Dawn Lau Dance Company, is an arts education company that embraces all levels of dancers and actors. We bring high quality workshops to communities, libraries and school systems using cross curriculum lessons.

Through the exercises in the Live Your Dream Challenge I was able to pinpoint the areas where my business was stuck and needed to grow. In letting go, I was given more time to spend with my yayas. The epiphany happened while I was sitting in an all-day technical rehearsal for “Legally Blonde” and my girls were with their Dad enjoying the gorgeous weather.

Sometimes we must let go to move forward!

One specific dream was to sell our house and bring up our children in a better community and school system. Everything was flowing and we put an offer on a house and then BAM the bottom dropped out. I first took this as a failure but then the phone rang and it was the Mayor of my town asking if I would like to run for the Hudson County Democratic Committee.  I realized that the Universe wanted something different for me at this particular time.

I must be the change I want in the world. I am currently still in that same town being the advocate for change!

Take the leap of faith and Live Your Dream! You will become more mindful, positive and like my SNOW PANTS, small miracles will happen!

“Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date, take a deep breath and try again!” – KT Witten


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Believe in your dreams. I do.


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