Working with a Mentor Who Opens the Doors at Just the Right Time

Hope you’re enjoying the last few days of 2013. We’re in the homestretch!

I have a story for you today from a woman named Deborah in Europe who dissolved her limiting beliefs and gave herself permission to invest in her future.

May this inspire you to take action on something you really want to do.

Jenny’s Timing: Working with a Mentor Who Opens Doors at Just the Right Time

By Deborah Chalk, Martha Beck Life Coach in Training,

Deborah Chalk

Before the Live Your Dream Challenge I was living in England and knew I was going to be moving to Germany in the summer with my husband’s job. I had completed Marie Forleo’s B-School and knew I wanted to be a coach.

I want to help women who move with their partner’s jobs, as I have done. We’ve been in 9 houses in 14 years.

I want to help them to follow their own hearts and passions so that they can claim their own right lives.

I also want to help women who meet the needs of everyone else, meet their own needs in life and in creativity so they can look forward to and enjoy their days.

I had also been working individually with a coach to learn more about coaching and she has been a massive help. I know that a big venture like this needs a team of support. My coach is on my team and so is Jenny.

Jenny awarded me a scholarship to the Live Your Dream Challenge and it was the sign I needed that I was on track.

You know when you read about how if you are headed on the right track then opportunities will come and doors will open? This was the first door that had opened for me. The rest had been accomplished with family finances. This was something I had earned myself.

I loved that Jenny seemed to give the prompts for action just when I most needed them.

My big action for one of the assignments in the Live Your Dream Challenge was to sign up for the Martha Beck Life Coach training, which before had seemed like something that was too much of an investment in my future. I knew I wanted to and my coach had helped me dissolve my limiting beliefs about whether taking part was possible. Jenny gave the final push with the course task to take a big action.

I am really enjoying the Martha Beck training. The skills and coaching tools I am learning are amazing. I am using time blocking that I learned from Jenny’s blog to organize all I have to do to develop my coaching practice. Even the free stuff Jenny shares has been so useful to me.

Now she has given me this opportunity to do a guest blog on her website just when I need this step. That’s my experience of working with Jenny. She opens doors just when you need them to be opened.

I love life in Germany, and I’m loving learning about coaching. I really hope when my business takes off I can again work with Jenny. She knows how to make a successful business and she makes learning fun.


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