You’re Not Supposed To Be Comfortable



That’s how I can describe the last few weeks for me.

I’ve been completely broken open, heart exposed and turned upside down. Yet the crazy thing is this: I’m completely okay with this feeling.


Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, I attended a spiritual retreat at Kripalu, the largest yoga, wellness and personal development center in North America (and only 20 minutes from my home!).

The REVEAL Retreat was led by Meggan Watterson, the author of “Reveal: A Sacred Manual to Getting Spiritually Naked.”

This Retreat completely rocked my world, changed my perspective, got down deep in my soul.

I sat in sacred circle with a number of amazing women: an author who helps women beat addiction, an attorney committed to bringing an end to animal cruelty, a former marketing executive who left her old life behind to listen to the call of her soul, a woman who lost her wife and sister in the last 2 years and is trying to pick up the pieces, and so many more beautiful souls who were gutsy enough to ask for HELP from other women on the path.

And while all 20 of us totally loved our Retreat experience, we all admitted to feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed.

What I know is this:

To do your work in the world, it’s NOT GOING TO BE COMFORTABLE.

You’re going to feel vulnerable, raw, exposed, afraid on your quest to get out there with your message and mission to positively change the planet.

But guess what?

You don’t have to experience these feelings BY YOURSELF.

No way.


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It’s time.


Signature (Jenny)

P.S. I’ve received quite a few applications in the last few days, but not everyone is ready for the Business Adventure School.

(I ask myself “Is this person far enough along on the entrepreneurship and personal growth journey to make the Business Adventure School a worthwhile investment for them?”)

We have a fantastic group assembled already and I’m committed to growing it organically with women who are the right fit.

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